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Mon Dec 12 23:54:25 PST 2005

Well, off the top of my head, the following questions could be added,
possibly replacing questions that are out of date.

Why is the roster so out of date?

The on-line version of the roster was created by Drizzt and was
supposed to be created by Kyle Neither of them are currently actively
involved with the LNH.

So the roster is incomplete?

None of the characters created by Tom Russell are included in the
roster as are most of the characters from the Miss Translation series.

How reliable is the roster otherwise?

Not very.  Some characters went from "Usable with permission" to "The
person who created this character now has a life and doesn't want you
to bother them".  In some cases, the characters were actually killed
off (eg Kid Mysticism) or, believe it or not, retconned out of
existance (eg Panta) and the roster says diddly squat about that.

Can I just take one of the characters and make them my own?

Not without the permission of their original writer.

But I want to be the next wReam!  The next Tom Russell!  I want to
spread chaos!

Too bad.  wReam and others took characters that had already been
declared public domain and used them as he saw fit.  Tom, well, he just
took other people's characters.  To an extent, this is flattering: you
like a character enough to include him or her in your stories without
getting permission first.  But it is better to try to get permission

What is the writer in question is on an island in the South Pacific
with no internet?

Post to the group saying you can't contact so-in-so by e-mail.  Chances
are somebody has a snail mail address.  If you absolutely have to use
somebody's character and you can't contact them then just make it a
cameo or, at the very least, don't make any major changes to them, ie
don't kill them off, cut off one of their hands or make them gay. :)


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