[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #23 - November 2005 [spoilers]

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Sun Dec 4 21:39:50 PST 2005

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>Academy Of Super-Heroes #61-62
>'Genesis Climber'  and  'Serpents In Eden'
>An Academy of Super-Heroes [ASH] series
>by Dave Van Domelon
>     You see, I toldja lizard men on Venus would be too cool an idea to
>pass up.

     Well, vaguely scaly men.  :)  

>     Among the subplots, things continue. We're still waiting to see what
>Timeslip's mission is. More amusingly, it occurred to me just as I was
>preparing this writeup that the scene with Beacon and Geode in #62 is the
>first time I can recall that we've seen a couple having sex on screen in
>the ASH series. Dvandom's quipped before that because of their powers
>that the Academy members tend to have kinky sex lives, but the scenes has
>always stopped short of actually showing anything. This time however the
>nature of Beacon and Geode's post-human condition (a man of light and a
>woman of crystal) means that the nature of their intimate physical contact
>is so different to conventional human intercourse that it almost slips
>past unrecognised. Still, the bit about them being in ecstasy is a good
>indication that this is fornication rather than the equivalent of a tongue
>kiss. I wonder if Beacon and Geode realise this?

     Well, I give away nothing major by pointing out that they consider it
more like fooling around.  2nd base at most.  They're kinda scared to try
"all the way", which would involve a complete merging.  But you won't see
anything about it in #63, unfortunately.
     But yes, thanks to the joy of metaphorical nookie, I've now shown
serious canoodling onscreen, rather than cutting away to howling wind or
whatnot.  :)

>Legion of Net.Heroes, Vol. 2 #11
>A Legion of Net.Heroes [LNH] series
>by Tom Russell
>My only
>substantive complaint about this rather surreal tale is that if I recall
>correctly Kid Citrus is currently off in the Superguy Altiverse.

     Mike says KC and Confetti Girl are the only characters he hasn't
explicitly removed from the Looniverse.  But KC's appearance in LNHv2 is news
to him.  

     Dave Van Domelen, has a couple scenes of ASH #63 written, including
Peregryn's big fight scene.  Every scene in #63 takes place about the same
time, whee!

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