[RACCies/LNH/LNH2/LNHY] Looniverse RACCies Eligibles for 2005

martinphipps2 at yahoo.com martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 1 16:14:17 PST 2005

Saxon Brenton wrote:
> So, taking the suggestions on board, the tentative revised Nomination Ballot
> is
> presented below.
> Just one question: what to do with Favourite Person Who Hangs Out On
> Alt.comics.LNH?
> Keep, or fold it into Favourite Person Who Hangs Out On RACC (effectively
> removing it)?

I think, in all fairness, the latter award should go to someone who
hasn't posted any stories on RACC but has nevertheless contributed by
making useful comments.  Someone like Brian "OTL" Perler.


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