[RACCies/LNH/LNH2/LNHY] Looniverse RACCies Eligibles for 2005

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 1 08:47:12 PST 2005

Saxon Brenton wrote:
> On Tuesday 29 Nov 2005 Jamas Enright <thad at eyrie.org> commented:
> >Note to anyone who reads this and cares: I'm going to call for the ACCIES
> >to be dropped. There is too much overlap with the rACCIES, given that there
> >are so few other stories posted outside of the LNH that the LNH stories
> >dominate the rACCIES anyway making for duplicated awards. Pointless Awards
> >Man may like this situation, but we have a hard enough time drumming up
> >votes in the first place...
> I am not adverse to that option.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that this is an
> idea that occurred to me after I crunched the numbers on the previous
> RACCies votes and saw how deeply the voting trends overlap, and which
> we then discussed together during our meeting ealier this year when we
> were otherwise plotting out War Without Worlds.
> However, in the interests of fainess and devil's advocacy: is there anyone
> who wishes to promote the retention of a separate ACCies vote and has
> a line of argument to back it up?

I say we axe the ACCies, but fold the Johnny Sako Loving Cup into the
perhaps renaming it and extending its domain to all of RACC; i.e., an
award for
the RACC writer who is most sorely missed.

All the other awards seem damn near identical to the RACCie categories

Just my two cents.

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