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Thank you for those kind words of eulogy.  Although I admit to being
surprised that no one has put together that, this being superhero
fiction, I quickly - in the immortal words of Monty Python - got better.
It's just that my ribs still ache, is all.

I was going to leave off on commenting about this, since Tom's
comments on Gregory seem to be an adequate final word on the
matter, at least until/if/when Gregory makes a return appearance.
However, in passing was this comment:

>But you know what else they say?  They say, that when you measure man's 
>life, the only way you can measure it is by their ability to write a 
>talking gorilla story.

You know, it's strange...  I'm pleased with 'Pirates of the Sybway System'.
It's a fun story that bops along and I'm glad people liked it.
And yet, thinking back on it, as a story it isn't really *about* talking
gorillas - it merely has talking gorillas *in it*.  Really, the villains 
could have
been just about any sort of undead pirates.  The only thing which was
truly thematically relevant about talking gorillas was Frothing-At-The-Mouth
Lad's rant about how people *use* talking gorillas in a hollow attempt to
recapture a particular type of nostalgia - which recursively comes back and
convicts the story of (possibly) the same flaw.  Interesting.  I hadn't 
realised that until now.

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