LNHY: Looniverse Y #5: Affirmative Action

Saxon Brenton saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au
Thu Apr 28 15:42:44 PDT 2005

Arthur prodded with a pointy stick:
> Not quite sure how to write Exclamation!Master!.  How do his powers
> work?  Does he get more powerful depending on how dramatic the foe he's
> facing is?  I guess only Saxon knows the answers to these questions.

Oh. Yeah. Character writeup. Uhm. Okay, look, I'm up the coast
attending a funeral at the moment, so I should have time to noogle
something up during the drive back to Sydney. Which hopefully won't be
burdened with lack-of-sleep-psychosis.

The above paragraph may be taken as an admission that End of Month
Reviews may be late again.

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