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  Deja Dude II and Eddy Tony Al Presence discussed the situation
regarding the tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes around the Pacific
Rim as they met on the newsgroups plane.
  "If we can't make things the way they were," Deja Dude II said, "and
we can't just make it stop then maybe we can fix things, at least
enough to make things better.  Prevent this from becoming a world-wide
  "Ah!" Eddy Tony Al said.  "Now, that is something we
might be able to do.  And we have one issue left in
which to do it!"
  "I hope it is enough!"
  "Indeed.  And we are even more pressed for time now that we have just
done a recap."

        LNH Asia: The Week After Next #4 (of 4)

Los Lan.geles, Califor.net.a

  "We're all going to die!" Whining Girl whined.
  "You're not going to die," Tremor of the Newer Mutants said.
  "What are you going to do?" Cheesecake Eater Lass asked.
  "I'm going to put a stop to these aftershocks."
  "Correct me if I'm wrong," SoWhat mused, "but I thought your power
was to create earthquakes."
  Tremor nodded.  "And that's what I am going to do."
  "So the city isn't wrecked enough for you already?" Dran asked.
  Tremor smirked.  "By creating small, unnoticable earthquakes, I can
relieve the pressure on the tectonic plates.  Most earthquakes are
benign, even beneficial in a sense, in that they help relieve pressure
that would otherwise result in a big one."
  "i Hope to Hell this Helps!" aLLiterative Lad said.
  "aLex!" Cheesecake Eater Lass said.  "You swore!  You just said
'Hell'!  Oh my God!  I just said 'Hell'!  I did it again!"
  "I take it this is your first time in an story with an Acraphobe
label?" Token Boy mused.

TaipA:, Tai1.

  "We did it!" Utraman said.  "We delivered aid to everybody!  And we
even evacuated the sick and injured!"
  "I hate to admit it, but Kamikazi was a lot of help," Moonfire said.
  "The victims in J at pan are my countrymen too," Kamikazi pointed out.
  "It's just that after all these years I've only come to think of you
as a bringer of death and destruction yourself."
  "Each of us can use our tremendous power to either cause destruction
or to help others.  Today I chose to help others."

Sumat.racc, Indo.net.sia.

  "What's going on?" Kan Bujian asked Taiphoon.
  "Lava and Su Nami are using their powers in unison to try to stablize
the volcano.  Meanwhile, Chao Erzi is flying around the volcano and
creating a vortex to capture the ash coming out of the volcano."
  "He's dissipating the ash!"
  "On the contrary, that would only make things worse!  It is when the
ash is spread all over the world that Looniearth's surface would cool
and we would be thrown into a new Ice Age."
  "So what does he hope to accomplish?"
  "He's trying to push the ash into the upper atmosphere and out into
space.  And I am using my control over the winds to help him do just
that.  Now, please!  I must concentrate!"

The newsgroups plane.

  "It is done," Eddy Tony Al Presence said.  "The combined powers of
the Newer Mutants, my Brotherhood of Asian Net.villains and your LNH
Asia were enough to both prevent the end of civilization and tend to
those in need.  Thus, despite the massive loss of life and destruction,
I would say we have the happy ending that the readers have come to
  "So does this mean and end to the years of conflict between LNH Asia
and the Brotherhood of Asian Net.villians?" Deja Dude II asked.
  "Not at all!  We're still the bad guys.  And the next time we meet
there will be no quarter asked!"
  "And none given!"
  "Fair enough.  Anyway, thank you for all your help!" Deja Dude II
  "Oh no!  We can't finish like that!  If we are going to continue to
have net.hero/net.villain conflicts then the readers have to believe
that we hate each other.  Otherwise, where's the emotional
  "Right!"  Deja Dude II thought for a moment.  "Um... you bastard!"
  "Cretin!  Okay, that'll do!"

                        THE END


SoWhat created by Lalo Martins
Dran created by Jesse Willey.
Everybody else was mine.


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