[LNH2/ACRA] LNH Asia: The Week After Next #2 (of 4)

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The future.  2035.

  >>Can you describe the scene right now in Los Lan.geles for our
  >>The scene here is total devastation!  Earthquakes are striking this
city one after another!  I realize that the big one has already come
and gone but these aftershocks continue to inflict damage!  Oh!<<
  >>Are you alright?<<
  >>That last aftershock must have been an eight.  At least.  My God.<<
  >>What is it?  What do you see?<<
  >>The Capital Records building.  It's gone.<<
  >>Survivors are fleeing the city.  Maybe you should get out of there
  >>You should see this.  Building after building is collapsing and
  >>John?  John?  Can you hear me?  We seem to have lost the
connection.  We apologize to the viewers for the technical problems.
We will return after these messages from our sponsors.<<

      LNH Asia: The Week After Next #2 (of 4)

TaiA:, Tai1.  Or what's left of it.

  "The last time I was here was fifteen years ago when we first fought
the Brotherhood of Asian Net.villains," Intuition Girl reflected.
"Now, look at it."
  "Or don't," N said.  "Don't focus on those who have been lost
already.  Focus on those who can be saved and save as many as you can."
  "That's easy for you to say," Intuition Girl said.  "This is my
  "And the people who have died in J at pan, Ko.rec, Indo.net.sia and
Califor.net.a, are they not also worthy of your pity?"
  "I didn't say that."
  "And I have no wish to stand here arguing about what you did or
didn't say," N told her.  "We've got a job to do here."
  "You're right," Intuition Girl said.  "I know you're right.  But I
just can't help reacting emotionally in the face of all this.  I'm not
like you."
  "I know," N said.  "You let your feelings guide you.  On most days
they serve you well.  But you mustn't let them overwhelm you."
  Intuition Girl just nodded sadly.

  "It's too bad my dad can't teleport anymore," Deja Dude II said.  "We
could use his help."
  "I know," Utraman said, "but we're moving these relief supplies at
quite a fast rate."
  "Not fast enough," Moonfire said.
  "If I were going any faster I would be going back in time."
  "Hmm," Deja Dude II reflected for a moment.  "I wish I could do just
that.  Why can't I?"

The island of Sumat.racc, Indi.net.sia.

  "What good is my power here?" Acraphobe asked.  "These people are
already suffering?"
  "You help provide additional pathos," Sonic explained.
  "And that is good because --?"
  "At this point is the story," Sonic reasoned, "the reader needs to
reflect on the reality of the situation.  You come here with us and we
see the orphaned children, the husbands who have lost their wives, the
wives who have lost their husbands, and worse.  The reader gets the
sense that these are real people.  That this is a real tragedy.  You
help give all of this meaning."
  "But I can't help them," Acraphobe said sadly.  "I mean, I can't
relieve their suffering."
  "That's where we come in," Sonic said.  "Yin, using her super speed
and Yang using his super strength are helping deliver supplies to the
needy.  And Tremor and Lava are doing their best to relieve the
pressure on the fault line."
  Just then there was a loud boom.
  "What was that?" Acraphobe asked.
  Sonic flew up to take a look.  "Oh my God."
  "What is it?"
  "It's the Toba Calde.racc volcano.  It's erupted."
  "Is that near here?"
  "No, it's pretty far away."
  "Well, that's good then."
  "No," Sonic said sadly, "actually it isn't.  The fact that we heard
it and felt it this far away is not a good sign at all."



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