[Meta] Onion Lad #2... and why did Willey end up writing it

cabbagewielder at yahoo.com cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 19 11:31:26 PDT 2005

   Okay, Dane said he DID write an Onion Lad #2, but Tom either never
got it or refused to end it.  Something about not enough dirty jokes
and violence.
    In the meantime, Onion Lad has become quite popular.  Somehow
getting nominated for Best LNH villain twice.   (The logic being that
he is so incompetent that his presence only helps the bad guys.)  Onion
Lad has appearred in several LNH titles over the years.
   After read Patient Zero and Absurd Lass Annual #1 and various issues
of Vel, Dane emailed me out of the blue and said: "You should take over
writing Onion Lad's series."
   Initially, I turned him down wanting to keep him a reserved member
of Vel's supporting cast.  Then one day I was plotting an arc of Vel
and realized something.  Much like parts of Schrodinger's Planet, Vel
was barely in it.  Seductress, Onion Lad, Ultimate Ninja, Peelix the
Cat, were in a lot.   I don't see the point of calling a series Vel if
the title character doesn't appear.  (No, I wouldn't think about
blasting another LNH writer.... especially... um.... Ramie Josen.
Yeah, that's it.)
   So, yes, I will at least for the time being be writing Onion Lad and
Vel.  So don't expect either series to come out too frequently.  Minor
details of the plot were changed as I hammered things out with Dane.
Even more in response to news events.  I hope you enjoy the ride.

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