8FOLD/META: About the Author # 1: Tom Russell

martinphipps2 at yahoo.com martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 17 10:41:57 PDT 2005

Tom Russell wrote:
> Saxon Brenton wrote:
> > I got the impression that Gregory
> > simply felt too weighed down by the expectations of doing Good with
> > his abilities (and this despite the example of the super-plumber
> > you don't have to dress in a costume with your underwear on the
> > outside if you're a superhuman) and is simply lashing out doing
> > whatever he damn well feels like.  And if, as Tom later said, he
> I think that's more or less what I was going for.  That, and maybe a
> little bit of a power thing.  Not a "I have power, now i shall rule
> world" thing, but more like the "nobody's watching, maybe I'll take
> that candy bar" or "I'll pee on this tree", but perhaps less

Fair enough.  But he has the opportunity to do bad things without
anybody finding out.  Or good things for that matter, like when he told
that little girl to SPOILER.  For that reason I am wondering why he
didn't try robbing a SPOILER in the middle of the night.  He could
argue that he was due for something in exchange for saving that little
girl, and potentially others.  I'm curious as to how his reasoning went
from "I'm not going to be a superhero" to "I'm going to rob a SPOILER
in broad daylight".


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