[REV] End of Month Reviews #15 - March 2005 [spoilers]

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 11 05:26:16 PDT 2005

>Schroedinger's Planet comes to a conclusion. Taup
>tries to steal the remnants of the Power Kirby within
>Sing-Along Lass, is thwarted, but manages to (rather
>gruesomely) steal the body of the monk Vel. This,
>however, is all just a distraction from the real task
>of trying to save the planet Haven, which Vel manages
>to do by creating a number of Asteroid L-like
>satellites and making it *seem* as though Haven
>blew up. The quantum bubble remains, however, leading
>to ambiguity about the whole thing.

   The reality overlap HAD to remain until after they
got back.   If it didn't, they wouldn't have detected
it.  In which case they wouldn't have gone back to fix
it.  You have to learn to think fourth dimensionally. 

> During all of this, Sing-Along Lass went
> missing, and the next arc starts off a search for
> her. This is complicated by a rebellion by the     
> letter Q, and if subplots are any
> indication will be further complicated by the return
> of Screw You Over Lad.

    Not this arc.   Screew You Over Lad is set up for
something I have planned for over the next year or so.

>      I am of mixed mind about the retention of the
>quantum bubble and the resulting ambiguity about
>Haven's fate. On the one hand it creates
> a slightly ironic state of affairs that it had been
> created by the actions of Vel and his companions,  
> and therefore was a symbol that they had *probably*
> always saved Haven once the causality had worked
> itself out - but that they couldn't have been sure
> of that when they took up the task. On the other   
> hand my first reaction was this was a
> needless dumping of angst onto the already brooding
> Vel's shoulders.

   It was meant as a little bit of both.  It's why I
made the next arc a little goofy.  I wanted to make up
for all the angst.  

> After all, it's not as though we haven't had time
> travel stories before where history is unambiguously
> corrected. And on other matters,
> the rule that Carina will turn up again because
> unless you see the
> dead body a superhero isn't dead also applies to
> villains; wonder what
> Taup's going to be up to with the other Vel's body?.

  Actually, I don't have any plans to use Taup again
ever.  If anyone else wants to they can go ahead.  

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