[LNH] The Legion of Net.Heroes, Volume 2 #1 "Real Ultimate Power"

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Sun Apr 10 03:10:21 PDT 2005

On Sat, 9 Apr 2005 21:30:45 +0000 (UTC), "Jamie Rosen"
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> | | (The cover depicts a handful
> | | of shabbily-dressed Ultimate
> | | Ninja lookalikes fleeing from
> | | a bank with sacks of money in
> | | their hands. An onlooker
> | | exclaims: "Egads! Five Ultimate
> | | Ninjas! And they're robbing the
> |_| Net.ropolis National Bank!")

XD Less-than-three Silver Age covers.

>  It was really kind of embarassing to watch them behave like such
> dorks, and the number of times he'd been hassled online was almost
> enough to get him to change his screen name from Muffy16.

Bwahahahaha.  Which, of course, is exactly the kind of thing a
frustrated person with a boring life *would* do.

> "This is a stick-up!" the newcomer exclaimed, brandishing a sword.
> "Nobody move, or I may totally flip out and kill everybody!"

Love the subtle refs BTW.

> "Yes! Loot! Pillage! Jaywalk! For when all is said and done, the world
> will forever respect my accomplishments, and they will forever remember
> the name of... Dr. Ag-Queen!"

Insert expression of amusement here.

> Ultimate Ninja dashed back into the LNHHQ, an angry mob of civilians
> hot on his heels.

I imagine this in Superdeformed Anime Mode. `.`v

> "Did Theory Man fill you in on the way down?" Ultimate Ninja asked.
> "Yes," Irony Man responded. "But then we ran into Kid Recap, so now I
> know what's going on."


> Dr. Ag-Queen nodded, and noticed that there was something curious about
> the candlestick the delivery man was holding. It wasn't actually a
> candlestick... it appeared to be two faces looking at one another....
> The faces of Theory Man and Irony Man!
> "Wha-wha-wha?" Dr. Ag-Queen stammered, stumbling back as the two
> previously unnoticed Net.Heroes stepped out of Escher Boy's carefully
> designed optical illusion. "Net.Heroes! But how did you find me?"

...Best use of Escher Lad's powers ever. ^O^vvv

> clones, even force-grown ones like yours, are
> physical replicas only. Ultimate Ninja gained his mastery of the dark
> ninja arts through years and years of training -- training your clones
> never had access to."

God, yes!  Hate it when people don't realize this. >>

Anyway!  Overall, a delicious treat and a quality publication.  Would
that all LNH material was this good.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, but I didn't order a...

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