[LNH2] LNH Asia: 2 Slow 2 Serious Part 1 (of 4)

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2020, the future: Bang.dos, Thai.lan

  "As prime minister of Thai.lan," the Thai Prime
Minister began, "I must insist that you not allow LNH
Asia to operate in my country without my government's
  Loren Legardia, even after having been president of
her country, the Philippi.net, for a few years now,
still hadn't quite gotten used to her new
responsibilities.  It was so different from being a TV
news anchor!  Or even from being a senator!  Now she
was the main focus of attention where ever she went,
always on camera, always having to look her best,
always having to put on fresh make-up.  God!  She
could swear the camera was bringing out her wrinkles!
And on top of all that she had to pay attention at all
times to what was going on around her!  Wait!  The
Thai prime minister was just talking to her.
  "I'm sorry, Mr. Prime Minister," she said a bit
sheepishly, "could you repeat what you just said?"

         LNH Asia: 2 Slow 2 Serious, Part 1 (of 4)

A few days later: C.bu, Philippi.net,

  "We're going to Bang.dos, Thai.lan," Deja Dude told
the members of LNH Asia.
  "To face a supervillain?" Deja Dude II asked.
  "A training mission?" Nimbo asked.
  "Sightseeing?" N asked.
  "Sex vacation?" Moonfire asked.
  "To meet our adoring fans?" Utraman asked.
  "Not quite."
  "So this is some sort of courtesy call?" Intuition
Girl asked.  "A diplomatic mission?"
  "Exactly," Deja Dude said.  "President Legardia
wants us to go to Thai.lan personally to meet with the
Thai Prime Minister and apologize for our uninvited
presence in the country earlier this year when we
fought the Brotherhood of Evil Net.Villains.  We are
to leave immediately."
  "I can teleport us!" Deja Dude II suggested.
  "No," Deja Dude Ii said sadly.  "We're to take an
airplane and pass through customs like ordinary
people.  That's what the Prime Minister wants."
  "Fair enough."

Later, in Bang.dos,

  "Everybody here speaks to me in Thai," Imelda, the
wife of Deja Dude said.  "They think I'm Thai."  She
  "I guess you look Thai then," Deja Dude said.
  "Hey, guys!" Deja Dude II said.  "It's the Newer
  "Paitoon!  Thongthong!" N said.  "Long time no see!"
  "Same here!" Yang said.
  "So what's up?" Tremor asked.
  "Hey Rapim!  Panit!  Ouy!  Looking good!" Nimbo said.
  "We've all been given new costumes," Yin explained.
  "We are, after all, the new national heroes of Thai.lan," Lava added.
  "Yeah," Sonic said.  "We decided to go the net.hero route after all."
  "Hey Somkid!  Why the long face?" Intuition Girl asked.
  "I'm still not comfortable being a net.hero," Acraphobe said.  "All I
can do is alter reality to make things more serious.  What is the good
of that?"
  "Maybe you can use your powers against someone who can alter reality
to make things more silly!" Utraman suggested.
  "Ooo!" Deja Dude II said.  "That sounds like foreshadowing to me!"
  "So when are we going to visit Net.pong Street?" Moonfire asked
  "We still have to meet with the Prime Minister," Deja Dude pointed

  When LNH Asia arrived at the Prime Minister's residence, however,
they found it to be occupied by armed guards!  The guards threatened to
kill the Prime Minister if anybody interfered.  The leader of the group
demanded that Deja Dude go in alone.  Deja Dude recognized him
  "The Sequel!" Deja Dude said.
  "Yes, son of High Concept!" the Sequel said.  "I am here to get my
revenge against the LNH!"
  "What do you want?"
  "It's simple!" the Sequel said.  "I have placed nuclear weapons in
each of six East Asian cities: TokIO J at pan, Mani.lan Philippi.net,
So.url Ko.rec, TaipA: Tai1, Kua.lan Lan.pur M at laysia and Lan.jing
Chi.net.  Your team is to split up and send people to each city and
deactivate the bomb before the bomb destroys the city!  It's just like
the movie the Pacifier!"
  "The Pacifier was a movie about a tough guy who looked after young
kids.  I think you mean the Peacemaker, a movie about a nuclear weapon
being brought to New York City."
  "Don't correct me!" The Sequel screamed.  "I don't like being
corrected!  Do that again and I'll kill the Prime Minister!
  "Got it," Deja Dude said.  "But how are we supposed to find these
weapons, let alone deactivate them?"
  "Each weapon is being guarded by a net.villain who will attack the
net.hero when he or she arrives in the city!  If the net.hero defeats
the net.villian then they will lead the net.hero to the bomb and tell
them how to deactivate it."
  "Fair enough.  I'll tell them."

  Deja Dude left the Prime Minister's residence and explained to his
team what they had to do.
  "But there's one thing the Sequel didn't count on and that is that
the Newer Mutants can help us!  Moonfire go to TokIO because J at pan is
your home country!  Bring Sonic with you being she can fly too and she
won't slow you down!  Michael, N, you go to Mani.lan.  Nimbo, Utraman,
you go to Lan.jing in  Chi.net.  Tremor, Lava, you go to So.url,
Ko.rec.  Intuition Girl, Acraphobe, you go to TaipA: in Tai1.  And Yin
and Yang can go to Kua.lan Lan.pur, M at laysia.  And hurry!  Millions of
people are counting on you to save them from nuclear devestation!"

                  TO BE CONTINUED!

Credits: Everybody created by me but High Concept was created by
Michael Friedman


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