[LNHY/ACRA] The Daily Super Short-Short Story #19

Saxon Brenton saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au
Tue Sep 28 16:48:27 PDT 2004

Andrew Perron <pwerdna at outgun.com> replied:
> (Saxon Brenton) wrote:


>>     The wondersocks were nowhere near as well known as the acursed 
>> 'Children of Cain' - as the offspring of the eldest child of Gotta-Luv-Me 
>> Lad and Knows-How-To-Please-Her-Man Girl were referred. Nor the Lilim 
>> descended form Gotta-Luv-Me Lad's first helpmeet, Exciting Leather 
>> Strap-on Lass. Nor even the monstrous Nephalim who were begat by angels.
> Nephilim.  

Thank you.  You wouldn't think that I had a reference book right in front 
of me when I typed that, would you?

> Or, possibly, Teenage Giant Halfbreed Angels. `.`v

<Saxon stares at that line for a few moments, then slowly a reaaally 
silly grin creeps across his face, just like in the old Chuck Jones 
cartoons for Warner Bros.>

I think we have a subplot.  Now, how to work in into the plot that I've 
Worked out so far...

(Tsk, I wonder if I should just start pastiching the Silver Age Superman 
creators, and see if I can work in any old suggestion that people throw 
at me. Then I could use Jesse's sock puns and nobody would feel left 

Oh, and before I forget to answer Arthur's question (again), yeah, this 
is taking place in the current day.

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