[LNHY/ACRA] The Daily Super Short-Short Story #19

Saxon Brenton saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au
Mon Sep 27 20:04:38 PDT 2004

Oh, pfftt. Second post for this, I think the first one went to
private email rather than the list.

Arthur replied:
> Saxon Brenton wrote:
>> The Daily Super Short-Short Story #19
> Just for this I think I'm going to write an episode
> of Limp-Asparagus Lad and post it without your
> permission. (empty threat)

   But... I'm still in /trauma/ from being yelled at after killing off 
Needs-A-Shave-And-A-Haircut-And-A-Bath Man...   :-)

> I guess I probably should have mentioned after
> Martin wrote his episode that The DSSSS was
> never intended to be a public domain free for all
> title (unlike Looniverse Y which is public domain
> and is still waiting for someone to write #2).

Tsk. Isn't that just so like human nature? You create not one, but two 
perfectly good Public Domain series, and everybody ignores them while 
using one of your non-PD titles.

> That being said because I'm such a nice guy you
> can write your arc, Saxon.

Thank you. I apologise for the confusion and hassle.

>                 If anyone else wants 
> to write The DSSSS they should ask me first
> though.  I assume this arc takes place in the
> present (as opposed to biblical times)?

Fair enough. Keep in mind that I was after the format though, so
other people might decide simply create their own daily series.

> As for 'Children of Cain', I was going to call Cain,
> Super Loser Lad; and Able, Super Winner Boy.
> I suppose if something seems wrong I can just
> have God retcon it away.

Okay. As far as I can tell that was the only reference to Cain that I 
was planning on using in any case, so the point should be moot.

> Is Damian a parody of Damian Hellstorm (Damian
> Hellsock)?

I was thinking of the main character from the Omen movies. Making lots 
of bad sock puns would probably lead back to the Sockforce Mortai gag, 
and... we probably don't want to go there.

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