LNHY: Bribery Time

Arspitzer arspitzer at aol.com
Mon Sep 27 18:21:40 PDT 2004

Okay.  Just so someone out there will
write issue #2 of Looniverse Y, I'm
offering anyone that writes an issue
of Looniverse Y and creates a character
for LNHY or the System Corrupters a
rare never before posted issue of the
Omaha Project.

I call it Omaha Project: The Unusable Chapter.
It was something that I wrote like nine years
ago back when the Omaha Crossover was
still going.  I didn't finish it till way after
Russ Allbery finished the series off.  Because
of the way Russ finished the series most of
what I wrote in this story was unusable and I
didn't really have the will to edit it so that it
did work.  Because the story ended on a cliffhanger
I couldn't really work it as an Elsewhirl.  That being
said, it was probably better written than any of the
issues I actually did post.  The only person who ever
saw this thing was Russ.  You can ask him if it's
worth writing a story to see this thing.

It's about 9600 words long.  There is some funny stuff
in it.  I like the parts with Fading Dan and Ordinary Joe
that I wrote where I was trying to write in a DRH
style.   It also has EDM Lite telling a ninja joke.

Because I used a bunch of OP Writer characters in this
I guess it's only fair that any Omaha Project Writer
that wants to see this can get it by e-mailing me.

If you're not an Omaha Project Writer though you'll
have to write an episode of Looniverse Y and create
a character for LNHY or System Corrupters to see
this bit of trivial nonesense.

I imagine only a Hardcore LNH Fan would want to see
this.   I guess I'll find out if there are any Hardcore
LNH Fans out there.

I did edit away most of the grammar errors that were in
the copy I gave to Russ.

Arthur "That's All" Spitzer

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