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Boring Publications Presents...

                       No-Point Lad and the Dismal-Hope Kid #4
                                   By Tim Munn

                        (WARNING:  MAY CONTAIN ADULT CONTENT)


	Last time:  The Bored Enigma counter-attacked a near defenseless
Dismal-Hope kid.  He was about to give the duo the death blow when a
mysterious flying orb calling itself Steve showed up.  The Bored
Enigma flew off, leaving behind a near defenseless No-Point Lad and
Dismal-Hope Kid:

	"No, no!" Steve said.  "I don't want to hurt you!"
	The duo kept screaming anyway.  No-Point Lad didn't see the point in
screaming, so he stopped.  Dismal-Hope Kid kept screaming.  Obviously,
No-Point Lad thought, Dismal-Hope Kids' hopes were dismal.  He walked
to the rocky outcrop where Steve had recently been.  He peered into a
crack in the large rock.  No-Point Lad saw darkness first, then
something he never expected.
	"Hey, get away from there!" Steve screamed, floating to No-Point Lad,
and giving him a dirty look in his own way.  "What gives you the right
to look in my personal space?!"
	No-Point Lad laughed.  "Space is totally right.  Hey Kid, get over
here!  I've got something to show you!"
	Dismal-Hope Kid stopped and looked suspiciously towards No-Point Lad
and Steve the M.F.O.  His Hope Levels had dropped sharply when Steve
first appeared.  Now they had returned to normal.  He walked to the
far side of the outcrop; so as to stay a distance from Steve.  "What
do you want me to see?"
	No-Point Lad pointed to the crack in the biggest rock in the outcrop.
 Dismal-Hope Kid didn't see anything immediately.  What was the point
in looking at a crack in the rock?  But then he saw something he never
thought would be in a rock.  "Hey now!  What is this?!  Some sort of
trick?!" he said, shaking his head.  He never expected the alliance
between No-Point Lad and Steve.
	"No," said Steve, sighing and floating to the rock.  "This is no
trick.  This is my home." he said, rather sadly.
	Dismal-Hope Kid laughed.  He'd never heard or seen anything so silly
in his life.  A universe hidden in a rock.  HA!  He laughed again.  "I
know where this is going.  I'm giving up hope now, just so I don't
have to later." Dismal-Hope Kid said.  This wasn't the first time he'd
given up hope, and most likely not the last.
	"My home is in trouble." said a now crying Steve.
	That's it, thought Dismal-Hope Kid, I'm going to do things to the
writer one day that I've never done to my worst enemies!
	"Hey, I'm no ordinary super-hero." said No-Point Lad as
matter-of-factly as he could.  "I want someone to go in my place.  My
fighting in your little part of the universe would be pointless." he
pointed out.
	Steve gave a heavy sigh.  "I guess you don't want to know the reward
for helping do you?"
	"Reward?" No-Point Lad and Dismal-Hope Kid asked at the same time.
	"Oh, so you do want to know.  Very well then." Steve said.  No-Point
Lad and Dismal-Hope Kid looked on expectantly as Steve stated the
reward.  "Your reward shall be... Space Virgins!"
	"Oh writer, don't let this be a joke." Dismal-Hope Kid prayed softly.
	"The Point Demons!  I feel them returning!  ARGH!!" No-Point Lad
screamed, as he hid behind the rock with the crack in it.
	"Hey, lets go!" Dismal-Hope Kid said, his hopes fully raised.  As he
was about ready to find a way to wiggle himself into the crack, Steve
put an ethereal hand on his shoulder.
	"You can't go there without protection." he stated bluntly.  No-Point
Lad laughed.  "You too mister!" Steve said, sounding angry.  "You
simply don't know what kind of stuff is out there.  Now, I can take
you, just hop on in me."
	Dismal-Hope Kid readily jumped in.  No-Point Lad on the other hand,
was not so quick.  "Come on, you agreed." Steve said.  He had agreed. 
He jumped in, greeted by laughs.
	"Those Point Demons just wont leave you alone will they?" said
Dismal-Hope Kid between laughs.

NEXT ISSUE:  What and where is the place Steve calls home?  Will our
heroes manage to survive on his home world?  And what about those
Space Virgins?  Find out in the next exciting issue!

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  This issue took a whole five days to write, and
another twelve to type.  Who knows how long `til its posted, I guess
you'll know when you read this.  I had originally started a version
where No-Point Lad and Dismal-Hope Kid would have turned down Steve,
but thought against it.  In the process, I've given them a mission
	I think I'm cutting this issue close, in terms of content.  So, I
gave it an Adult Warning.  I don't know yet how fully Adult or not it
will get.  Some... situations and characters could get... into adult
areas.  Don't worry, its not going to get anywhere near (dirtiness). 
But why do I need to explain, really?  I'm just paranoid I guess....

Tim Munn

Characters created and copyright 9/2004 Tim Munn
No-Point Lad and the Dismal-Hope Kid #4 copyright 9/11/2004 Tim Munn

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