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> > I'm not getting what MST means.  
> Mystery Science Theatre.  I think it ran on the Sci Fi Channel.

Well, I do know what that means then.  I watched it all the time.  I
feel stupid now.

> > I will take everything you've said into consideration.  I will run the
> > spelling and grammar checks before I post #3 just for you.
> Don't use correct grammar JUST for me.  You make it sound as if I am
> the only one who cares about correct grammar.  Actually, I am more
> concerned about a story being easy to read.  Look at Rob Roger's
> Easily Discovered Man #45.  It was very funny and well written but it
> word wrapped so it was difficult to read.  He corrected this and
> resposted it.  Grammatical errors pose a similiar problem: they make
> writing difficult to read.

I posted it via copy and paste from microsoft works word processor. 
It found no mistakes in No-Point Lad and the Dismal-Hope Kid #3 so I
posted it.  I didn't mean it like that.  'You' as in all of you.  I
could have, and probably should have, put guys at the end.  I did
start to read Easily Discovered Man #45 version 1, but the word
wrapping was crazy.  I'll have to get back to that.

> It is a shame you weren't taught correct grammar.  I am not being
> flippant about this.  If you write '"Hi."  He said.' then it doesn't
> make a lot of literal sense.  Nor does 'He said.  "Hi."'  It would
> have to be 'He said, "Hi."'  Why?  Well, would you say "He hit.  The
> ball."?  See?  Doesn't make sense.  I hope I don't have to get into a
> discussion about said being a transitive verb and that the quotation
> is its direct object.

Ok, now its 'blame the teachers time'.  This makes me angry.  Stupid
people teaching kids that want to learn stuff, but can't, because
their teachers are stupid!  Ahh!!

> Would you believe that Jesse Willey willingly submits himself to this
> kind of criticism BEFORE he even posts a story?  I really don't know
> why.  It's not like we're getting paid for this.  I'm sure every story
> I post has at least one typo somewhere.  It's not the end of the
> world.

Hmm.  I'll send you a copy of Amish Man #1 when its ready to go which
should be soon.  I want Amish Man to be a serious posting, with as
little mistakes as possible.

> Truth is, I admire you for writing out your stories on paper before
> you type them.  That takes true dedication.  Most of the stuff written
> on RACC in the past was free form writing.  Doing it your way there
> should be more opportunities to edit your writing though.
> Martin

Personally, I mark No-Point Lad and the Dismal-Hope Kid as free form
writing.  Its loose with grammar; vague on the heroes origins; its
basically stream of conciousness writing; and it's fun for me.  I've
seriously gotten some laughs out of it.  You should see my writing
folder designated 'Comics': a half inch thick with notes and various
stories in various stages of completion.  That's another problem
though, maybe even with this series, I've never yet (outside of
school) been able to finish one piece of writing I've started.  This
is a problem I don't want much longer.
I see it like this: the story isn't going anywhere, #1-3, in a
physical sense.  Its already on paper, I've typed it out.  I don't
think I'm suffering from any life threatening ailments at this time. 
I'm 23 years old, which means if I live long enough, let's say 50
years, I'll have that much time to edit this.  It could be done
sooner, if you guys feel its necessary.

Tim 'Gramatically Incorrect' Munn

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