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Boring Publications Presents...

                       NO-POINT LAD & THE DISMAL-HOPE KID #3
                                 By Tim Munn

	Last Time:  After a vicious attack by Point Demons, N-PL is
incapacitated by a blow from D-HK.  After D-HK struck N-PL, the Bored
Enigma returned, making fun of D-HK's new brown stain on the back of
his pants.  This made D-HK angry.  So, for once, he rushed the Bored

	The Dismal-Hope Kid knocked the Bored Enigma down with a loud thud. 
Both of them lay there momentarily, as the wind had been knocked out
of them.  D-HK rose first.  He stood there, completely shocked by what
he had done.  He looked to his friend, No-Point Lad, and to the Bored
	The Bored Enigma seized the opportunity, and spoke to D-HK.  "What if
he wakes up with the powers of point?  What would you do then?  Would
you kill me or him first?"
	D-HK clenched his fists.  He was trying to find his `me space', but
BE kept blabbering about the `Powers of Point' and the choice between
him and N-PL.  It was totally confusing him.  Why did he have to be
written like this?  To be confused in a time like this.  D-HK gave up
hope of finding his ` me space' and started slapping the Bored Enigma
	The Bored Enigma swatted lefts and rights around.  Occasionally, a
few got through.  This didn't bother him though.  D-HK was so angry he
was fighting like a girl.  The slaps barely even hurt.  He silently
thanked the writer for Dismal-Hope Kid's anger.  In between slaps, he
landed a clean blow to D-HK's jaw.
	This sent Dismal-Hope Kid falling backwards.  He didn't reach his
back, however, as BE grabbed him by his collar.  "This'll teach you!" 
BE yelled, as he planted his knee firmly into D-HK's gut.  He fell
into a heap at BE's feet, coughing violently, trying to take a few
breaths.  The Bored Enigma lifted the Dismal-Hope kid up, only to
throw him down again next to N-PL.
	This roused No-Point Lad to consciousness.  He looked around wearily,
taking a few moments to mentally get up to speed.  He eyed Dismal-Hope
Kid suspiciously.  "Get away from me."  He groaned.  His head was
throbbing like the dickens.  He needed some sort of relief.
	"Hello No-Point Lad!  Long time no see!"
	The Bored Enigma; that was not the relief he was hoping for.  N-PL
held out his hand to D-HK, who in turn hoisted him up.  "Hello Bored
Enigma!"  He said with a bad feeling in his gut.  "How badly did you
beat Dismal-Hope Kid this time?"  He asked, laughing loudly.
	The Bored Enigma himself laughed.  "Quite badly, but I was bored all
the way through."  He said, his smile turning to a frown.  "Now I'll
have to do something bad to the two of you."  He said rather sadly,
walking up to the duo.  He raised his hands to give them the final
death blow, but was interrupted by a tap on his shoulder.  He turned,
and was shocked at what he saw.
	"Hi."  It said.  "My name is Steve."  He said, smiling in his own
way.  None of the trio knew if Steve was a he or a she.  "Silly
writer, your shenanigans are for kids!"  Steve snapped.
	"What are you?"  Dismal-Hope Kid asked.
	Steve laughed a bit.  "Well, technically, I'm a Mysterious Floating
Orb, or MFO for short."
	The Bored Enigma turned to N-PL and D-HK.  There was fear in his
eyes.  "I think we should run.  I'll see you guys later."  He said,
flying off into the darkening night.
	Steve the Mysterious Floating Orb sighed.  He faced the dysfunctional
duo, smiling in his own way.  "What about you guys?  Are you going to
fly away too?  I can fly, look."  He said, floating around and over
	N-PL and D-HK looked at each other and screamed their lungs out.

NEXT ISSUE:  What will the newcomer Steve have in store for No-Point
Lad and the Dismal-Hope Kid?  Are they strong enough to fend off the
power of Steve?  Find out, next issue!

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  The third issue had Steve pop up almost out of
nowhere.  There were about five different ways I could have wrote this
one.  I don't think it was the best, but its what I wrote.  I think I
got the flow between #2 and #3 down right.  We'll see about future

Steve the Mysterious Floating Orb created and copyright 9/7/2004 Tim
No-Point Lad, Dismal-Hope Kid, Bored Enigma copyright 2004 Tim Munn
No-Point Lad and the Dismal-Hope Kid #3 copyright 9/7/2004 Tim Munn

Tim Munn

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