[BP] No-Point Lad and the Dismal-Hope Kid #1

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> > 	N-PL laughed and rose to his feet.  He clapped D-HK on the back. 
> > "Ah!  Now you see the point in having no point!"
> > 	"Yeah!"  D-HK replied.  But a look of realization flew over his face.
> >  "Hey!  I thought your powers were that of Having No Point?!"  He
> > said, shaking N-PL by the shoulders.
> > 	"Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!  I do have one point!"  He screamed
> > in joy.  "I have a point!"  He screamed again, jumping up and down and
> > doing his victory dance.
> I'm curious about this... is his power that he never has a point, or
> that he is
> capable of pointing out the essential pointlessness of everything?  

I think you explained it the best.  He never has no point, except in
the fact of making points about no points.  He also can point out
pointlessness.  This will be explained in the origin/making-of issue.

> Either way, he's an interesting character, and I'm looking forward to
> finding out what happens next!

Well, its going to be a long, strange joy ride through weird places
before I get done with it.  Hopefully you will not be too weirded out
by it.

> --Rob Rogers
> --Easily-Discovered Man Lite of the LNH

Tim Munn

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