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Boring Publications Presents...

                       NO-POINT LAD & THE DISMAL-HOPE KID #2
                                  By Tim Munn

	Last Time: We saw the odd duo in the middle of the country fresh off
the heals of self-defeat.  N-PL told the tale of their most lackluster
villain, the Bored Enigma, and their vicious defeat at his hands. 
After a lecture, D-HK nearly got his hopes up until N-PL found a
point.  Will our heroes transform themselves into Point Lad and the
Hope Kid?:

	"No."  Dismal-Hope Kid said in his more usual tone and attitude.  He
looked worriedly to No-Point Lad.  There was something wrong here. 
His powers of finding negativity in all things were going crazy. 
"Hey, there's something wrong.  I want to get out of here."  He said,
looking in the direction they were originally heading.
	N-PL slowed his jumping and dancing.  He gave a painfully forced look
to D-HK.  "I... I see... your... point!"  N-PL forced those words out.  To
D-HK, it looked like it hurt.  "Oh God!  What's happening to me?!" 
N-PL said, jumping and dancing more quickly than ever.
	D-HK freaked out and started to run away.  He couldn't take it
anymore.  His friend would have to get better or die.  "I-I see you
running!"  Said N-PL.  Don't think I wont come after you and whoop you
all over the place!"  He screamed.  The Power of Point was taking
control.  No matter how hard he tried to block it, it was eating
through his defenses.  "I don't have long!  Help me, please!"  N-PL
	D-HK stopped.  His powers told him to run, but his heart told him to
save his friend.  "I'll save you!!"  He screamed, running to his
friend.  He tackled N-PL back to the ground.  "I don't know what to do
	Now-Has-A-Point Lad sighed.  He tried shaking less and found his body
responded nicely.  "Do you know how to perform an exorcism?"
	D-HK gasped.  "I would never take my clothes off for money!"
	N-H-A-PL sighed again.  "Exorcism!  Rid my body of these Point
	So, D-HK did the only thing he knew he could do effectively.  He
clenched his fist and landed a clean blow right between N-H-A-PL's
eyes.  He rolled off of N-H-A-PL and sighed.  D-HK looked to the
darkening sky and saw a few buzzards flying about.  "Oh go away birds!
 We wont be your dinner today!"  They did not leave though, and D-HK
immediately lost all hope when they merged together, forming their
less than extraordinary arch nemesis:  the Bored Enigma.
	"Hello down there!"  He said dryly, as his cape flew up and around
him.  He struggled with his cape momentarily and fell to the ground. 
Muffled noises came from the heap that landed only a few feet from a
now standing D-HK.  "Hello from blue skies!"  The BE said, standing up
and shoving his cape into his pants.  "And Kid, would you say hello to
the brown toilet for me too?"  He said, pointing to the back of D-HK's
	"No!"  Said a quite embarrassed D-HK.  "You will not beat me with
your tricks!"  Raged D-HK.
	The Bored Enigma laughed.  He got some real kicks out of Dismal-Hope
Kid.  Too bad he was a villain; they might have been good buddies.  "I
wonder:  will you use the old `It was pudding.' trick you used the
last time we faced each other?"  He laughed hard, as hard as he ever
had in his life.  To think, he wasn't bored.  Only D-HK could do that
to him.
	"Ok!!"  D-HK said in a blistery tone.  "You're going down!"  D-HK
spat and rushed the Bored Enigma, curiously content and all, unaware
of the growing presence near them.


NEXT ISSUE:  Will N-PL be revived in time to help D-HK battle the
Bored Enigma, let alone recover from his wonky powers?  And what is
that presence that is growing near them?  It's definitely not hairy
armpits!  Find out the answers to these questions in the next issue!

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  How about #2, eh?  I don't know if I lost something
from #1 to #2.  It feels off somehow.  It was a 50/50 issue for me,
but I can't complain.

CHARACTERS:  Created and Copyright Tim Munn 9/5/2004
No-Point Lad & the Dismal-Hope Kid #2 copyright Tim Munn 9/5/2004

Tim Munn

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