[FM] Full Moon #3, A Girl, a Cat, a Plant, and a Mage, pt 2

VashTheWanderer vashthewanderer at aol.com
Wed Oct 27 06:07:27 PDT 2004

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"Friendly, Jager, friendly," Samantha sighed, "You know. It's when you don't
hurt people for saying 'hi, how are you?'"
"So what do we do with him?" asked Sonna.
	"We could tear out his tongue," the weretiger suggested sarcastically.
	"Uh, don't I have a say in this?!" 
	"No," Sonna growled, "But he's kind of cute. Can I keep him?"
	Samantha sighed, "He's not an object, Sonna, and he's not a slave, either."
	"Not yet" she purred, retaking humanoid form and sitting up to pull the
hapless mage closer to her.
	"You know, we could probably use a lightning mage, why don't we just bring him
along with us?" Samantha suggested.
	Mitimaru nodded as Sonna stroked the top of his head, "Yes! Yes!" he cleared
his throat, recomposing himself, "I mean; I agree."
	Sonna giggled a yes. Jager sighed, and agreed as well.
	"I guess a thief might come in handy," Jager said
	"I'm a lightning mage, not a thief."
	"But you're a skilled acrobat, you have nimble thief-like hands, and you're
good at sneaking around."
	"And you steal things."
	"So you're a thief."
	"Well, I could be a ninja, too."
	"Which is really just a glorified thief."
	"But I am, first and foremost, a lightning mage."
	"So you're a lightning mage thief."
	"Which makes you a thief."
	"Oh screw it. So where is our little raiding party going to sleep? We have
three beds."
	Samantha looked questioningly to him, "'Raiding party?'"
	"Three's a crowd, four's a raiding party."
	Samantha rolled her eyes, "Whatever."
	Jager again addressed the question of bedding, and Sonna offered to share with
their new companion. This time Jager rolled his eyes, and threatened to beat
them to death with their own spines if they made any noise. With that
disturbingly detailed threat, all of them bedded down for the night.

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