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Boring Publications Presents...

                        NO-POINT LAD & THE DISMAL-HOPE KID #6
                                   By Tim Munn

                        (WARNING: MAY CONTAIN ADULT CONTENT)

                         ~THE COSMIC DRIVE-IN SAGA, PART II~

	"Wes!" Steve called one last time.  "Crap, he isn't here!  He's
probably with the others at the main screen," he said, starting to fly
into the sky.
	"Who is this Wes?  Is he like you?" No-Point Lad asked.
	"Well, not exactly like me," Steve responded, floating back down to
No-Point Lad's level.  "He's like you two, human.  Alien races are
known in our world, I don't know about yours."
	No-Point Lad nodded.  "There were some back when my grandpa was my
age, but they were killed off." Steve winced at this.  If their
Great-Grandparents could kill off an alien race, what else could this
new generation do?  Steve was about to respond when someone started
yelling.  Dismal-Hope Kid freaked out and lost all hope.  He hastily
ducked into the nearby concession stand.
	No-Point Lad jumped in front of Steve.  "Get back, Steve!  That man
is obviously insane!"
	"No, that man is Wes!  Let me through." Steve said, pushing past
No-Point Lad.  No-Point Lad in turn went into the Cosmic Drive-In's
concession stand, pulling Dismal-Hope Kid from the grill and leading
him outside.
	Steve and Wes were in front of the concession stand, shaking hands
and talking about Steve's trip.  Wes, noticing the duo, stuck his hand
out to them, shaking both.  "Wesley Wallace, nice to meet you boys. 
You can call me Wes, for short," he smiled.  Wes turned to Steve, his
smile fading.  "I thought you told me that next time you'd get
somebody older?" Both No-Point Lad and the Dismal-Hope Kid gasped at
this.  "I mean," Wes continued, "they look barely fifteen.  The last
group you got had another teenager, one that was almost a teenager,
and that chick with the big boobs."
	"Ah!  English Muffin!" Steve shouted.  He'd thought he'd done a good
job on that account.
	"Well, whatever.  You're missing the point.  They're all young, too
young maybe.  But its what we've got," he said looking at the duo. 
"We'll just have to use what we can."  Wes took a few deep breaths
then took No-Point Lad and the Dismal-Hope Kid around the shoulders,
leading them deeper into the Cosmic Drive-In.  "You'll have to forgive
Steve, he sometimes loses track of what's important," he said.
	"I bet you boys are wondering about all this," Wes began, as they
passed one of the screens.  It was in the middle of repairs to fix a
rip that extended three-quarters of the way down directly in the
middle.  There were four people on the ground, three sending up
materials, and another giving orders.  There were as many patching up
the screen from some scaffolding.  "Those guys showed up after the
horrible events that took place.  I don't know their names, and I
doubt they have any," Wes said grimly.
	"Why are they even fixing this place?  It's totally demolished!  You
might as well put a subdivision in here.  This isn't fixable, there's
no point to it," No-Point Lad pointed out.
	Wes sighed.  "There is a point to fixing this place up.  I'll be
honest about it.  It's the hub of the universe," Wes said
matter-of-factly.  "The place where everything meets up.  The
beginning and ending point of all life."
	"You mean this is, like, where everyone is born?" Dismal-Hope Kid
	"You hit it right on the head."
	"So this is where I was born," Dismal-Hope Kid emphasized on that
	"Kid, lets not get ahead of ourselves, all right?" he said, leading
them ahead once again.  A few moments later, they came across a
similar scene.  This scene came included with about a dozen more
people and a few burnt out cars.  A man walked up to the group and
greeted Wes and Steve.  No-Point Lad figured he was about a hundred
years old.
	"Hello, boys!  I'm Alan Gary, the proprietor of the Cosmic Drive-In,"
he said with a smile.  "I take it Wes has told you most of the
	"He told us everything except for two things.  One, what or who
happened to this place.  Two, why do you need us?" asked Dismal-Hope
	Alan smiled as Dismal-Hope Kid spoke.  He was now one hundred percent
certain of what the Main Screen had shown him; the tale of No-Point
Lad and the Dismal-Hope Kid.  Alan pointed to the screen being
repaired after Dismal-Hope Kid asked his questions.  "Do you see that
screen boys?" They nodded.  "That is the Main Screen.  On that screen
play only the most important events in the universe.  Right before the
events leading to its destruction, we saw the two of you, and some
others.  But it was you two who were given the starring roles.  It
told us your origins, powers and where to find you," the duo sighed. 
Alan looked on sadly, as their origins were difficult.  He continued:
"You were chosen hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years before you
were born," Before he could go further, he was interrupted by
Dismal-Hope Kid.
	"It was that stupid thing that messed my life up!" he said, pushing
off of No-Point Lad and Alan.  He ran away crying, looking for
someplace to go.  No-Point Lad looked on shocked.  If Dismal-Hope Kid
thought his life was tough, he should think again!
	But, as sad as his own life had turned out, he felt bad for his
friend.  "I-I'm going to go see where he's going," No-Point Lad said,
his own emotions running rampant.  Alan nodded him along.
	After a few minutes, Wes walked up to Alan, who was standing in the
same place after Dismal-Hope Kid had stormed off.  "The Main Screen
was horrible to the both of them," Wes said.  "I wouldn't want to
suffer like them," Wes, who Alan thought had been tough since the
beginning of the mess, let loose a few tears of his own.
NEXT ISSUE: What will happen to our heroes now?  Will they continue on
their quest, which now includes saving the universe?  Or will they ask
to go home?  Who was it that nearly destroyed the Cosmic Drive-In? 
Find out in the exciting next issue!

AUTHOR'S NOTES: It took two weeks for this one.  I was mostly finished
with the original version when I scrapped it, realizing it was true
crap.  This is what came next.  It got serious towards the end, as a
primer to the origins of No-Point Lad and the Dismal-Hope Kid which
will run in issues 7 and 8.  It gets serious from here on out I think.
 I only say this because I have no written notes, except for
characters appearing in the upcoming issues.  I have No-Point Lads'
origin set up.  Dismal-Hope Kid is a different story.  I might take
awhile on 7 and 8, being origin issues.  Finally, I think this issue
was greatness.  It felt great writing it.  I like that.

Tim Munn

Characters created and copyright 9-10/2004 Tim Munn
No-Point Lad and the Dismal-Hope Kid copyright 10/4/2004 Tim Munn

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