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Boring Publications Presents...

                     NO-POINT LAD & THE DISMAL-HOPE KID #5
                                  By Tim Munn

                     (WARNING:  MAY CONTAIN ADULT CONTENT)

                       ~THE COSMIC DRIVE-IN SAGA, PART I~

	Last time:  Steve revealed that his home, a pocket universe hidden
inside a rock, was in trouble.  No-Point Lad and the Dismal-Hope Kid
refused to help Steve, but were lured into it by a reward of Space
Virgins.  They then hopped aboard Steve, and awaited their fantastic
joy ride:

	Dismal-Hope Kids' laughing stopped as they entered the crack in the
rock.  The initial bright flash temporarily blinded him, but after he
regained his sight he saw the magnificence-
	"Silly writer, quit it with your shenanigans!" Steve yelled.
	"It does look beautiful from here." said an awed Dismal-Hope Kid. 
"It makes me think about things.  Like why do we exist the way we do? 
Or, what is beyond our universe and in the writer's universe?"
	Steve traveled silently across his home universe running those things
through his mind.  The major thought going through his mind was the
writer.  What did he have in store for them?  What did he have in
store for his friends and family back home?  Only the writer knew, and
it was the writer that put them all in this situation!  He could not
dwell on it long, though.  They were fast approaching his home world.
	"We're nearly there." he said to the duo.  They looked ahead to a
fast approaching solar system.  They were surprised to see the planets
they were taught in school, in exactly the same place.  Steve noticed
the looks on their faces.  "What planet do you come from?"
	"Earth." replied No-Point Lad.  Steve figured as much.  The writer,
he knew, was like that.
	"Where do you come from, Steve?" Dismal-Hope Kid asked.
	"Oh, I'm from Earth too." Steve said, sounding miffed.  Dismal-Hope
Kid thought to ask Steve the whereabouts of his home, but thought
against it, as Steve was miffed and they were in outer space.  He
looked ahead and saw the Earth.  Normal.  Steve hit the Earth's
atmosphere and shuddered.  Steve's occupants again looked forward.  It
was unusual, as they flew low to the ground; above deserted villages,
and through bare metropolises.
	"Where are all the people?" Dismal-Hope Kid asked.
	"It's obvious they went on vacation." No-Point Lad pointed out.  He
covered his mouth quickly when he realized he made that point.
	"Quit it you two, we're almost there." Steve said, sweeping lower to
the road.  It was moments later that they saw what must have been
their destination.  The signpost was very rusted, even rusted
completely away in some areas, yet somehow still standing.  The red
neon lights had faded from their original color to a pink hue.  The
light blue background which probably started in a darker shade, was
peeling in some areas, giving the sign itself a dismal, war-torn look.
 It was ancient, sitting here for what must have been centuries. 
Dismal-Hope Kid gasped at that thought and felt his Hope Levels
decrease slightly.  The sign itself read:

                                COSMIC DRIVE-IN
                                  ALL WELCOME
                                   CARS:  $2
                                 PEOPLE:  .50
                                 NOW PLAYING:
                          COSMIC CAPERS (All Screens)
                                  THE UNIVERSE

	"Boy, I hope that movie is good," said No-Point Lad.  "Or else I
might have to ask for a refund." Dismal-Hope Kid nudged him in the arm
and gave him a nasty look.  They were the only super-heroes Steve had
found to help, and as the only ones, they needed to get serious.
	Steve landed near the concession stand and let the duo out.  He
looked around, possibly expecting to find something or someone. 
"Wes!" he called out.  Wes, whoever he was, didn't answer.  "This
isn't good you guys." Steve said, turning to No-Point Lad and
Dismal-Hope Kid.
	"Wes!" No-Point Lad called out, feeling a weird need to at least know
who Wes was.  Steve and Dismal-Hope Kid soon followed No-Point Lads'

NEXT ISSUE:  Will our heroes find the mysterious being known as Wes? 
What is the story behind the Cosmic Drive-In?  And what happened to
that Earths' peoples?  Find out in the next amazing issue!

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  Hmm... another one that took awhile.  Four days to
write and eight days to type and whenever its posted.  I don't know
about this one.  It feels... maybe... average.  It ended up a little
shorter than what I thought, so I added just a bit to it.  I did add a
better description of the COSMIC DRIVE-IN's sign and signpost.  It
was, to start, a crappy single sentence.
	You can see where I actually made a goof in this one.  (I call it a
goof, as that was originally the way I had No-Point Lad and the
Dismal-Hope Kid #5 come to me.)  I was going to write about what
No-Point Lad and Dismal-Hope Kid saw on their journey, via psychic
visions.  The very first paragraph.  I've still got it in my head, as
this series has very little written notes.  I may do an alternate
universe-type thing with it.  Numbers 4 and 5 have alternate versions!
 Amazing stuff I'm doing, eh?

Tim Munn

Characters created and copyright 9/2004 Tim Munn
No-Point Lad and the Dismal-Hope Kid #5 copyright 9/15/2004 Tim Munn

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