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The Daily Super Short-Short Story #34
A Devil Came Down to Georgia 16
Last Time: St. Christopher explained to Martin about the dichotomy between 
his Secret Origins as an Astrally Travelling Werewolf Crusader and one of 
the Teenage Giant Halfbreed Fallen Angels, and assured him that despite 
the lies of Damian the wondersock, that Jesus still loved him.
     And thus having gotten through the touchy-feely story elements for 
the time being, we can start heading back towards the deeply psychotic 
Acraphobe content.
     Damian lay, curled like a viper over the still unconscious form of 
the young seminary student. He wondered what he would do with his victim. 
The boy was powerful - very powerful - and there was so much damage that 
he could do with a meat puppet like that.
     The evil sock thought back on how he had stumbled across this prize: 
the travels with Murdock, his possession of TJ... Hmm, TJ - the mugger who 
had been sexually maimed and left to bleed to death during Damian's 
corruption of Martin. That gave him an idea...
     There was a magical tradition - sometimes known as the Knife of 
Klingsor in remembrance of the depraved black sorcerer of the same name 
- of magical castration. The energies of the libido, when blocked from 
carnal release, were redirected into magical might. Klingsor, of course, 
had lost his manhood as punishment after being caught with the wife of a 
King, and although he had later discovered that this had made him the most 
powerful sorcerer of his age, the ill-will that he had borne to the rest 
of humanity for being made 'smooth between the legs' had made him the 
terror of southern Europe. Damian wondered if Martin's Nephilim abilities 
could be boosted in the same way...
     As the sock was pondering this, a worrying thought occurred to him. 
Shouldn't the forces of Heaven or Hell be have come to investigate the 
Becoming of a Teenage Giant Halfbreed Angel by now? Especially one with as 
much potential as this one? Hurm. Surely the Bad Guys couldn't have become 
*that* tied up with interference from meddling superheroes?
     Martin stirred. Damian gave him an impassive glance and prepared his 
next set of lies. He was taken by surprise when Martin sat up and grabbed 
him in a crushing grip. Damian bit his hand. It didn't truly need to be a 
hard bite - the sock had no fangs, and in any case the hand was still a 
techno-organic scrapheap - but the sock reflexively enacted a magical 
curse that 'injected' a powerful neurotoxin into Martin's body.
     Martin screamed in pain as the neurotoxin began it's work, but did 
not let go. "Servant of Satan, I reject you and all your works!" he 
snarled as he tightened his grip.
     "And what are you going to do? Crush me?" said Damian sarcastically.
     "Better than that," said Martin as he prepared an idea that he'd had 
for use against the boneless woollen fiend. With his other hand he formed 
an infra-red laser pistol and began to burn him!
     "Aiieeargh!" went the sock. Once again he cursed the growth of human 
technology. There was a time when in order to match the power of the 
wondersocks the monkey boys would have had to have learnt sorcery of their 
own, and by the time they'd done that they were often ripe for corruption 
anyway. These days even atheist materialists could get ahold of a weapon 
capable of doing damage to a moderately powerful nightsider. Worse, the 
situation was such that a sorcerous prodigy like Martin could take even a 
basic knowledge of physics and combine it with his powers to get much the 
same effect!
     In desperation Damian tapped much of his occult strength, detonating 
an explosion that blew Martin's hand off and sent the boy impacting 
against the far wall. The sock made his escape in the smoke and confusion.
     Damian was cursing as he slithered out of the steam tunnels. Now he 
would need to find some new meat puppet to use while he replenished his 
strength and prepared another, more subtle approach to corrupting his 
     "Hail wondersock, evilest of footwear," someone greeted him formally 
shortly after he emerged back above ground. "We have a proposition for you."
Tomorrow: Evil allies gather.
The Daily Super Short-Short Story series and the wondersocks created by 
Arthur Spitzer, and used with belated permission.
The Teenage Giant Halfbreed Angels epithet for the Nephilim/Nephalim 
cooked up by Andrew Perron.
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