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The Daily Super Short-Short Story #27
A Devil Came Down to Georgia 9
Acraphobe content warning: 
This episode is meant as horror rather than pornography, but readers 
should be aware that it contains gratuitous nudity and licentiousness.
Last Time: Martin found his body mutating uncontrollably into a 
cybernetic monstrosity. And then he was propositioned by a delivery boy.
     "What?" said Martin. He couldn't possibly have heard that correctly.
     Damian the wondersock contrived to make TJ's face look somewhat 
abashed. "Well, I mean, you're a really good looking guy, and the body 
mods are really hot. The 'metal man' look is even sexier than the beefcake 
guys down at the gym. So I was wondering if you wanted to make out..."
     Martin's mind went blank with incredulity. He was turning into a 
metallic monster and this... freak was finding it a turn on? That was... 
that was like being titillated by wood grain texture, or frogs legs. 
Ick. And he'd admitted to being a homosexual, too.
     TJ took a step closer, and without even consciously realising it 
Martin took a step back. Damian was pleased with the reaction.
     TJ said, "I'm a mutant too," as if it was a confession. He slipped 
off one of the black gloves from his hands, and held the limb up to 
demonstrate the difference in colour and texture. "My changes aren't 
full body like yours, but, you know, you make do with what you have." He 
looked up and gave Martin a hopeful grin. "That's why I'm really 
impressed with the way you've been able to armour up all over. It looks 
just so badass and, well, it just *radiates* power."
     "I don't want to be like this!" yelled Martin as he found his voice. 
"I don't have any control over it! And even if I did it wouldn't be using 
it for some sort of perverted fetish!"
     "Hey hey hey! Calm down. It's okay. So, like, this is the first time 
your powers have kicked in, is it? Okay then, look, this sort of change 
can really weird you out the first time it happens," TJ explained as he 
laid a steadying hand on the hyperventilating Martin's shoulder. Martin 
flinched. "But don't worry, I'll be here for you."
     "Don't touch me," Martin whispered as he tried to clear his thoughts.
     TJ ran his hand down Martin's chest. His touch was more sensuous 
than supportive now. "Just keep calm. Find your emotional balance. 
Everything will be okay," TJ continued as he let his hand wander 
lasciviously down to Martin's groin. Then he added flatteringly, "You 
*are* a good looker, you know that?"
     "Don't touch me," Martin said more firmly, and pushed TJ away.
     TJ looked hurt. "I want to help you. But I want to be close to you. 
I want to be friends," he said as he reached down and unzipped his jeans. 
With his attention attracted to TJ's body he was repulsed to see the 
tenting in his pants. Sure enough, as TJ dropped his jeans, Martin could 
see the young man sporting an erection.
     "Come on," said TJ cajolingly. "Ignore all those stuffy rules about 
chastity and stuff. A good fuck will ease your tension, and once you're 
relaxed it'll let you get a proper grip on your powers." He walked up to 
the dumbfounded Martin and embraced him in a loose hug, and once pressed 
up against him TJ began slowly grinding his naked loins against Martin's 
metallic body.
     "I *said*, DON'T TOUCH ME, you damned sodomite!" Martin screamed. 
There were tears in his eyes, and without even thinking about it he 
grabbed TJ in a Byrne grip (one hand around the throat in a chocking hold 
and then hoisting the victim into the air), formed his free hand in a 
multi-bladed weapon, and ripped TJ's genitals off.
     Damian was ecstatic. The evil sock wouldn't have imagined that the 
seminary student could so quickly be pushed into violence. It looked like 
Martin wasn't a moderate Christian after all.
     Martin dropped the body in shock. Blood... There was so much blood. 
Had the arteries in the legs be severed as well? Oh shit.
     "Hey, what's all that noise out there?" someone yelled from a nearby 
building. Martin turned and fled again.
     Damain contentedly wriggled off TJ's foot as he prepared to follow. 
It would be a slow chase, but Damian guessed that the boy would go to 
ground somewhere rather than run indefinitely - and with the psychic 
taste of him, Damian would eventually track him down.
     As Damian wriggled off in pursuit, some other figures paused beside 
TJ's body. "Looks like there's a wondersock after the boy as well," one 
of them commented.
     "Yeah," said another, and she glanced down at the blood strewn form. 
"I wonder if it'll be needing this again?"

Tomorrow: Martin retreats to the steam tunnels.
The Daily Super Short-Short Story series and the wondersocks created by 
Arthur Spitzer, and used with belated permission.
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