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                      Teen Fascists #6: Versus Dir.mandu!

  We had just tracked down Dr. Peculiar only to end up facing his 
arch-nemesis, Dir.mandu!
  "Alright, Dr. Peculiar," I said.  "Who is this guy and what is the 
quickest way to defeat him?"
  "He's a magical being," Dr. Peculiar told us, "so the only way to defeat 
him is through magic!"
  "Screw that!" Detender said.
  "Indeed," Double Jeopardy said.  "We couldn't sanction that."
  "We'll deal with this guy our way!" Militia Man said and then proceeded to 
open fire on the creature.
  But Dir.mandu just laughed.
  "It seems to be having no effect," Judge observed.  "He appears to be 
  "We'll see about that!" Cruel said.
  "Yeah," Unusual said.  "We'll crush him like a tin can!"
  Thing is, with Dir.mandu hovering above the floor, there was little that 
Cruel and Unusual could do beyond swat at the demon's feet.  Nevertheless, 
the brothers celebrated every time one of their blows connected, even if it 
meant that they'd only managed to hit one of its ankles or its heal.
  Finally, the demon got sufficiently annoyed by the brother's efforts that 
it decided to respond.  "Flame on!" it said and then the creature's entire 
body burst into flame.
  "Whoa!" Cruel said.
  "Yeah!" Unusual said.  "We must have done something!  It's on fire!"
  "Yeah," Cruel said, "but now he's a little bit too hot to handle!"
  "Ow!" Unusual said.  "I see what you mean, Bro!  When I hit him I end up 
burning my hands!"
  "Maybe we need to retreat and ask Unification Man what our next move is!" 
Cruel suggested.
  "I'm with you, Bro!" Unusual conceded and they both backed off.
  "What are we going to do?" Search asked me.
  "He seems unstoppable!" Seizure said.
  It didn't seem as though we had much choice.  "Alright, Dr. Peculiar," I 
said.  "For the sake of the greater good I will allow you to practice your 
black craft for this one time only!"
  "You can do better than that," Dr. Peculiar said.
  "You are negotiating at a time like this?" I asked, appalled.
  "I want amnesty," he said.
  "I can't guarantee that," I told him.
  "Then at the very list I want you to take me and the Hosts of Hogwarts off 
your radar," he suggested.  "I want you to at least try to accept that 
people might have world views that differ from your own."
  "No deal!" I said.
  "Then there's nothing I can do," he said.
  "Wait!" I said.  I sighed deeply.  "First you defeat Dir.mandu and then 
we'll talk about..."
  "Tolerance," Dr. Peculiar said.  "I want you fascists to learn some 
  "We'll come to an accomodation," I said, "provided it doesn't imply any 
outright condoning of your religious practices --and then only if you're 
actually able to defeat Dir.mandu!"
  "Deal!" Dr. Peculiar said and then he proceeded to rise up in the air and 
face Dir.mandu eye to eye.
  "Aha!" Dir.mandu said.  "Finally!  A worthy challenger!"
  Dr. Peculiar began his encantation.  "By the Hairy Hosts of--" he started 
to say but then suddenly he found himself unable to finish.
  "Ha ha!" Dir.mandu said.  "How easy it is to defeat the Encanter Extreme 
of this dimension!  All I have to do is cast a spell that prevents him from 
talking and he is helpless!  Ha ha ha!"
  "You haven't won yet!" Amy said.  We had assumed that Dr. Peculiar's 
groupies had fled along with everyone else in the mall but apparently they 
felt some genuine loyalty to their idol.
  "That's right!" Vicky said.  "We know the counter spell that will get Dr. 
Peculiar talking again!"
  The two gothic teenaged girls joined hands and started their encantation.  
"By the Hairy Hosts of Hogwarts, may the bonds that prevent the good doctor 
from speaking hearby be lifted so that he may speak once more!"
  "Ah!" Dr. Peculiar said and then took in a deep breath.  "Thank, you young 
ladies!  And now, by the Hairy Hosts of Hogwarts, I hereby banish you back 
to the dimension from whence you came!  Begone!"
  "NOOOO!!!!" Dir.mandu screamed as a vortex opened up behind him and sucked 
him out of our dimension, presumably back to the dimension he had come from.
  "It is done!" Dr. Peculiar said.
  "Well, yes," I said.
  "You aren't going to go back on our deal, are you?" Dr. Peculiar asked.
  I sighed.  "Seems to me that I only agreed to let you go _this time_.  If 
at any piont in the future there is a public outcry to bring you to justice 
or, equivalently, a Presidential order to track you down, then I assure you 
as sure as we are standing here today that we will track you down and we 
will bring you to justice."
  "And in the meantime?" he asked.
  I grimaced.  "In the meantime, you are free to go."
  Dr. Peculiar nodded.  "That is good to hear."  He turned to his groupies.  
"Do you ladies want to watch as I perform a spell of transportation that 
will send me and Mr. Wong back to our sanctum?"
  "May we come with you?" Amy asked.
  "Oh, yes please, may we?" Vicky asked.
  "Um, how old are you two?"
  "We're both seventeen!" Amy said.
  "But I'll be eighteen in just a few months," Vicky said.
  "Right," Dr. Peculiar said.  He obviously decided that his legal situation 
was tenuous enough as it was.  "Maybe some another time.  Like, maybe, late 
next year."
  "Cool!" the two teenagers said excitedly.
  "Alright, Mr. Wong, get ready!" Dr. Peculiar said as his agent walked over 
and joined him by his side.  "By the Hairy Hosts of Hogwarts, I transport 
myself from where I said to the sanctum that I call my home!"
  And, just like that, he was gone.
  "You let him get away," Detender said.
  "We didn't have much of a choice," Judge pointed out.
  "I know," Detender said.
  "At least we learned a bit about this Hogwarts place," Double Jeopardy 
said.  "That's a start."
  "I'm going to have to think about lacing my bullets with garlic or 
something," Militia Man said.
  "That only works on vampires," Search said.
  "You could try holy water," Seizure suggested.
  "If only that Dir.mandu had been man enough to stand on the floor!" Cruel 
  "Yeah!" Unusual said.  "It was cowardly of him to float above us like 
  "We could have beaten him given the chance!" Cruel said.
  "Yeah!" Unusual said.  "We would have slapped him up real good!"
  Maybe.  But as I said before, Van Hel.sig was out there ready to deal with 
menaces like that.  And apparently Dr. Peculiar, for now, was there to deal 
with the ones that might slip by him.  Perhaps we needed to accept other 
ways of life as long as they could be made useful.
  Perhaps.   As long as they remained useful, that is.  Then we'd round them 
all up and throw away the key.

                                        THE END

ADD.NOTES: Hmm.  That turned out okay.  It establishes Dr. Peculiar as a 
wildcard so that means we can write a new wildcard entry:

NAME:  Dr. Stephen Peculiar
  CREATED BY:  Martin Phipps (martinphipps2 at yahoo.com)
  TYPE:  Usable Without Permission
  POWERS: None, really.
  ADD NOTES:  Calls upon the "Hairy Hosts of Hogwarts" to do magic
  APPEARANCE:  Looks like Timothy Dalton with a goatee.  Wears red and 
yellow flowing robes.
  ALLIES: Hosts of Hogwarts (three teenagers, two boys and one girl); 
groupies like Amy and Vicky; his agent, a Mr. Wong
  ENEMIES:  Dir.mandu, Teen Fascists
  FIRST ISSUE:  Teen Fascists #5


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