[RACCIES] My Racc Eligibilities

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 17 10:38:24 PST 2004

Okay, usually Tom or one of the other busy bodies are the first to
post their eligibilities for the year.   Saxon has called for stuff
already (it is the late November early campaign push) and with the
next arc of Vel not set to start till the Holidays (but I have
everything written as far as eight and almost finished nine.   When I
finish the arc at #11 or so, I'll post.)  Anyway, the ones nominatable
this year from the Chronicles of Vel are... (in chronological, but
release order.)

Vel #1 (seventh in release order): Vel, Master Blaster and Deja Dude
travel into the mercenary/war criminal Badass's body to find the cause
of his brain cancer.  The uncover a reproductive node for OMAR, the
one man abusive reaction.  We also see the incident with Applicant Lad
mention earlier (er... later?) in the series.

Vel #2(eighth in release order): The battle with OMAR results in
brutal tatics and refrences to Temple of Doom, and video store

Vel #-5 (first in release order):  Vel feels Stomper and the others
don't fully trust him.   The worst part is, he's right.

Vel #-4 (second in release order): Vel is captured by the Regal 13
while similtaneously  Vel attacks the ufology museums.  A conspiracy
forms within the Legion to prove one of the Vel's is innocent.

Vel #-3 (Third in release order): Vel crash lands into the ufology
museum.  Vel vs. Ultimate Ninja.  Vel vs. Master Blaster.  What does
Screw You Over Lad tips his hand.  The conspiracy comes up with a
theory.   Plus, it had to happen, (actually it didn't but I thought
it'd be cool) When Vel met Jen.

Vel #-2 (Fourth in release order): Vel and Jen get to know each other
over a course of weeks... just in time for Vel to be arrested for
crimes by Johnny Stomper from the future.

Vel #-1 (Fifth in release order): Vel is held hostage in the future.  
Pieces begin to come together involving Screw You Over Lad, the other
Vel, and the events predicted by the future Johnny Stomper.   Plus,
Jailbait has competition for Vel's heart.  It's not from Sing Along
Lass... but her own future self?

VeL #0 (Sixth in release order): All out brawl.  The true mastermind
behind the plans of Vel and Screw You Over Lad is revealed.   Can Vel
stop Doctor Killfile?

Vel #1/2 (Seventh in release order): Vel deals with the aftermath of
his battle with Killfile.   The LNH has a place for him.  The real
question is, does he have a place for the LNH... or will he tell them
all to shove it?

Generation Zed: The New Class #9 (Ninth in release order) [Co-written
with Martin Phipps. Plot by J. Willey]:  In which the GenZed New Class
meets a group of unruly Dorfs and fight Roboto version 2.0.

Generation Zed: The New Class #10 (Tenth in release order) [co-written
with Martin Phipps.  Plot by M. Phipps]: Our Olympic special.   Dorfan
sports at their finest.  Unfortunately.  Plus, as a special game, spot
the Star Trek: New Frontier reference.

Generation Zed: The New Class #11 (Eleventh in release order)
[co-written with Martin Phipps, plot by J. Willey]: A look at Dran's
world.   Plus, love is in the air.

Generation Zed: The New Class #12 (Tweleth in release order) [written
by Phipps and Willey, plot by Willey]: Battle against the Disco King. 
Plus, we learn Dran can't swim and wants a puppy.

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