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The Daily Super Short-Short Story #59 [REPOST]
A Devil Came Down to Georgia 41
[Repost notes: To the best that I can determine, I don't think this one 
has turned up on either google or the RACC mailing list in the last 3 days.]
Last time: Beel.gzip.bub had dragged everyone off to his infernal domain, 
but his seeming victory was short lived.
     And so it came to pass that Beel.gzip.bub found himself confronted 
in his own domain by Christ the Nazarene. And the Lord of the Files did 
think unto himself:  .oO( Expletive deleted! ) because having one of 
your most powerful adversaries turn up in your demesne can really mess 
up your day.
     This would be bad; really bad. Beel.gzip.bub could, of course, 
always run away - and this was standard procedure for Evil whenever it 
found itself outgunned, because Evil always thought of itself first 
rather than being prepared to commit to a cause. But the political 
fallout would go beyond `unfortunate' and well into `disastrous'. 
Numerous resources would no doubt be lost, and the loss of face before 
the other Dark Lords - especially from losing a Benandanti as powerful 
as Martin Wryce - would be considerable. It would take ages before he 
would be able to reconsolidate his position.
     That might explain why Beel.gzip.bub decided to show at least a bit 
of opposition. "You are a fool to have come here!" he snarled, swirling 
his red cape about himself like a bad pantomime villain. A burst of 
flame chuffed up from behind his throne and the sound of much wailing 
and gnashing of teeth filled the chamber. "Wryce belongs to Hell now!"
     "You're a total doofus," said Jesus. "You people said that the last 
time I harrow this place too."
     Beel.gzip.bub gritted his teeth in hatred, then lashed out with a 
rapid succession of hellfireballs, spat out like machine gun rounds, 
while simultaneously a horde of imps and gremlins and snotlings moved 
in to harry. But Jesus unleashed his Righteous Food-Fight-Fu! With an 
amazing cartwheel leap he parried the fireballs with a beadstick and 
peppered the demonlings with his boomerang fish shuriken. Beel.gzip.bub 
was able to swat away into nothingness the returning fire, but a number 
of nearby demonlings were caught in the returned offensive and were 
     Then Jesus was in close combat range and jabbed at the Dark Lord 
with his breadstick. Beel.gzip.bub dodged and conjured up what was 
effectively a lightsaber of hellfire, then parried.
     The force of the clash of their `blades' was way out of proportion 
to the amount of apparent force being put into their blows against each 
other, and the region of Hell that they were in rocked and trembled with 
the fury of the conflict. Perhaps this was the intended effect, because 
in addition to the floor buckling in places and parts of the ceiling 
threatening to collapse, the rack holding Martin overturned and fell to 
pieces as it his the floor, releasing the student in question.
     Martin was not in a good mood, and quickly pulled his guts together, 
as well as slicing up a few imps that tried to recapture him. A quick 
scan around the area showed that Delroy and Tim has similarly been freed.
    Then he was hit from behind, sending him sprawling. Martin scrambled 
out of the way, turned and discovered a chitinous-armoured Lis advancing 
on him. "You are not getting away this time," she said.
     Martin formed a shield to parry her strike, and then dodged as she 
formed multiple pincer-tipped limbs to overwhelm him. Then he formed a 
laser and tried to blast her while she tried to engulf his arm and bite 
his limb off. The two of them went like this: one taking on one form and 
the other trying to match it. As this went on, Martin wondered whether 
he should risk seeing how finely he could distend his consciousness with 
the monofilament wire tactic. On the spur of the moment he decided to 
risk it, and while he was feinting with a manoeuvre of taking the shape 
of a metal armoured sphere, he began to get under her skin in the most 
literal way.
     Meanwhile Delroy and TJ had their own problems.
Tomorrow: Meanwhile...
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