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Saxon Brenton saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au
Mon Nov 8 01:55:29 PST 2004

Martin Phipps (phippsmartin at hotmail.com) replied:

> Wouldn't it be easier if eyrie.org could handle this sort of thing on
> line?  I mean, there are plenty of websites that do on line polls. 
> Presumably the nomination process could be done automatically on line
> with people nominating over a certain period after which the poll
> automatically becomes a question of voting for the items nominated. 
> The whole process could be made automatic.  I don't know if such a
> thing is feasible, if for example the necessary software required to
> do such a thing is freely available or if anybody had any time to set
> such a thing up.  

   I don't doubt that such a thing is feasible, but I would be loath to 
impose on somebody else to do it for me. Actually, come to think of it,
the Will's Ego website had automated voting for issues as they came out. 
In either case, regardless of the question of automatic vs manual polling, 
there's still the issue of declining numbers of voters overall.


> The irony, of course, is that you have been doing the monthly reviews
> in preparation for the RACCies and yet the monthly reviews are
> probably more useful than the RACCies themselves which only ever have
> one winner per category.

   Eh, I wouldn't quite go that far. As I've said before, my tastes in 
superhero tend to run towards the whimsical, so I'm probably not as 
representative as an online poll - although admittadly the small 
sample size probably creates some biases in the RACCies as well.

>                          I'd do monthly reviews too except that then
> I would have to read everything that was being posted and I don't want
> to do that.  I feel no shame, however, in that I feel I have provided
> more feedback than most people on RACC (and not all of it was well
> recieved, to say the least!)

   True. I think that's at least partly why I end up doing plot summaries
rather than quantiative reviews; can't stand the thought of people 
screaming at me over differences of opinion. Bleah.

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