[PRECOG] Looking Glass precog

Hikaru Chiba hikaruc at mchsi.com
Tue May 25 20:28:17 PDT 2004

I am proud to announce the second issue in the ongoing series that I just
recently hit everybody upside the head with last month. I'm not really
gonna apologize for that because if you ever read an IP book before it
shouldn't seem all that confusing and regardless, it's always better to
show than exposit background.

I'm going to post the story around midnight and pray that mail.app doesn't
screw up my formatting as it has in the distant past.

This issue is late because I am trying to work one issue ahead, and I'm
just now progressing past the detailed outline for Issue #3. As far as
continuity goes, this series picks up where Omniman Family and
Lightbringer stopped as far as time goes. It could even be considered

To give a hint of an answer to Saxon Brenton's comment in last Month's End
of Month Reviews. If Omniman Family started as an angsty approach to a
Superman type character, consider the Falcon a variant on the Batman
archetype with an "At any cost" mentality. Limited explanations over. Once
again, enjoy the upcoming issues. Issue 3 should deal with the unasked
question of why isn't the comic titled Falcon?


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