RACC: RACC Con 2004?

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at haven.eyrie.org
Mon May 24 14:13:54 PDT 2004

In article <20040524030516.24684.00002220 at mb-m29.aol.com>,
Arspitzer <arspitzer at aol.com> wrote:
>Man, I kind of missed out on the whole tenth anniversary of the
>LNH didn't I?  As well as my own 10th anniversary for Jong and
>the NTB and so on.  Although looking through the Google archives
>I didn't miss much.  No parades or commemorative coins or T-shirts
>that said 'The LNH is ten years old and all it got was this
>lously T-shirt'.  Not even a big party at Dave Van Domelen's place
>(Or if there was I wasn't invited).

     Dude, I'm in Kansas, a five hour drive from the nearest RACC'er and
probably a lot farther from the nearest LNHer.  Not that many of us are
active anymore in the LNH.

>The big problem that has always been is where such a con would
>take place.  Obviously everone would want the con to be close to
>where they live.  The only solution I see is to not have one
>big con, but many regional cons.  Places that might have heavy
>RACC writer populations like Washington, DC, New Zealand, Arizona, or
>where ever.  I'd like to propose a sort of Southwestern con.  I'd 
>like to see this con take place in either Las Vegas, LA, San Diego, 
>Phoenix, or Tucson.  Or some where that would only take one day for
>me to drive to.

     Well, Chris Meadows and I will be at ConQuesT 35 in Kansas City this
>I'm not sure what weekend might be good for a Con.  It could
>be held in July, or August, or September.. or who knows.

     It is the Con Season, but you have to be careful there.   A lot of the
bigger fandom Cons are scheduled opposite the bigger gaming Cons, leading to
split populations.

     Dave Van Domelen, teaching over the summer, so not up for any big travel
cons, but going to a professional conference in Sacramento in August....

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