RACC: RACC Con 2004?

Arspitzer arspitzer at aol.com
Mon May 24 10:36:41 PDT 2004

Man, I kind of missed out on the whole tenth anniversary of the
LNH didn't I?  As well as my own 10th anniversary for Jong and
the NTB and so on.  Although looking through the Google archives
I didn't miss much.  No parades or commemorative coins or T-shirts
that said 'The LNH is ten years old and all it got was this
lously T-shirt'.  Not even a big party at Dave Van Domelen's place
(Or if there was I wasn't invited).

Which brings us to the 10th anniversary of RACC.  There's always
been talk about a real life convention although nothing has ever
really come about it.  Various RACC authors have met in real life
of course, but there has never been an attempt for a big meeting.

The big problem that has always been is where such a con would
take place.  Obviously everone would want the con to be close to
where they live.  The only solution I see is to not have one
big con, but many regional cons.  Places that might have heavy
RACC writer populations like Washington, DC, New Zealand, Arizona, or
where ever.  I'd like to propose a sort of Southwestern con.  I'd 
like to see this con take place in either Las Vegas, LA, San Diego, 
Phoenix, or Tucson.  Or some where that would only take one day for
me to drive to.

I think that Las Vegas might be the best choice.  It's in the
center of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.  Plus with
the gambling, booze, and showgirls it seems to be an appropriate
place to hold a RACC con.  And where else will you find Elvis
Man impersonators?

We could also hold it in San Diego during the time of that
Comic Convention.  I'm not sure what weekend that Con is.

I'm not sure what weekend might be good for a Con.  It could
be held in July, or August, or September.. or who knows.

I was thinking maybe a Las Vegas con held during the Fourth of
July weekend, but that might be too soon to plan.

So would anyone be interested in this?  Does anyone out west
still read this newsgroup?  I guess Russ still does unless
he's been replaced by a clever auto-post bot.

As for the other cons that's for the other people to decide.
Maybe all of the cons could take place the same weekend.  Or
maybe they could be spread out and someone with the time and
money could hit whatever ones he or she wanted.

I'd really like to see a Southwestern con happen.  If it happens
I'll be there.  We shouldn't let the RACC 10th go by with just
a whimper.  And the way things are going there might not be a
RACC 15th anniversary.

My vote is Las Vegas sometime in July although I could change it
to San Diego.

Arthur "Let it not be said, I didn't try one half-ass attempt to
        save RACC" Spitzer

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