[LNH/LNH2] LNH Forever #3 (of 4)

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Wed May 19 20:37:18 PDT 2004

  People need to know what kind of monsters the Legionaires really are.  I 
need to open people's eyes.  I know just how to do it.

                                        LNH Forever #3: Smoke and Mirrors

  In the year 2072, you'll be able to go to any hardware store and buy a 
flight ring.  Housewives will use them to help them clean dust off the 
  In the year 2020, even after more than thirty years of the LNH, people 
still found it odd having people flying around.  If anything, people would 
just assume that you were either a Legionaire or a net.villain.  Of course, 
people would naturally assume I was a Legionaire if I was also dressed up 
like one of them.
  I used my time machine to travel to the year 2072 and went to a store in 
Net.ropolis to buy a flight ring.  While I was in the store, an old man 
spoke to me.
  "You look familiar!" he said.  He was dressed in an LNH costume but I 
didn't recognise him or it so I wasn't sure if he was actually an LNHer or 
just an old groupie who liked to wear their costumes.  "I've seen you 
  "I don't think so," I told him.
  "I never forget a face," he said.
  I shook my head.  "I get that a lot.  I just have one of those faces.  I 
look like a lot of people."
  He looked at me for a while.  "Maybe.  I seem to remember you from a long 
time ago."  He laughed.  :But them you'd be as old as me now, wouldn't you?"
  "Maybe you're somebody's grandson."
  "Well, if you think about it, we're all somebody's grandson," I said.
  He laughed.  "True!  True!"
  I smiled and went back to what I was doing: I picked out the flight ring I 
wanted, took it to the counter and paid for it.

  Moonfire had an all white costume that was easy enough to imitate and his 
mask covered half his face so if some one were to see a man flying around in 
white with half his face covered by a mask then they probably wouldn't look 
closely enough to see that he wasn't who he appeared to be.  The fact that 
Moonfire was a hero from Japa.net who hadn't been in the Philippi.net more 
than a year straight added to the deception.  All I had to do was fly around 
the Philippi.net dressed like Moonfire and cause destruction here, there and 
everywhere and soon reports would flood in about the LNH being a menace to 
society.  Soon there would be demands that the LNH get out of Asia.  It was 
a foolproof plan.
  Or it least it was until LNH Asia tracked me down.  I knew I didn't want 
to tackle LNH Asia: Utraman, Moonfire, Deja Dude II, these were the guys who 
destroyed a Dorfian destroyer in a matter of seconds.  I didn't want to have 
to deal with any of them, let alone all three of them.
  So as soon as I noticed Utraman on my tail, I headed back to my time 
machine and set the co-ordinates for any time and any place that was not 
here and now.  I arrived somewhere in in Indo.net.sia in the year 2021.  I 
thought I was safe.
  "Nice time machine you've got there!"
  I didn't realise Deja Dude II could travel through time, let alone have 
the ability to track me.  I quickly programmed in a new time and location 
into my time machine: Vi.net.nam in the year 2019.
  "I get the feeling you are trying to avoid me."
  Bang.lan.desh, 2022.
  "Having fun?"
  Chi.net, 2018.
  "You do realise I can follow you anywhere you go, don't you?"
  In desperation, I programmed four random places and times into my time 
machine.  The time machine left Chi.net, 2018 and travelled successively to 
Argenti.net, 2030, Alt.stralia, 2010 and Net.xico, 2025, only staying long 
enough for the machine to power up and travel to the next location.  
Finally, I arrived in Net.York in the year 2004.  I waited for a minute.  No 
Deja Dude II.  I had lost him.
  I had also fried the circuitry in my time machine.  It looked like I was 
stuck in Net.York in the year 2004.  As luck would have it, this was where I 
grew up as a child so I knew the city fairly well.  All I had to do was find 
somewhere to stay in the city.  Then I would worry about finding some way to 
fix my time machine and return to my own time.
  LNH Asia proved to be even more powerful than I had expected.  I won't 
underestimate the Legion again, not if I am to defeat them once and for all!

NEXT: I'll have to see about fixing my time machine and then we'll see!


LNH Asia, Moonfire, Utraman and Deja Dude II all created by me.


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