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Tom Russell Jnr whitecastlewhitecastlerahrahrah at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 30 20:50:54 PST 2004

Tom here.


Thanks, everybody!  Part of me wants to say, look out,
I'm coming back to RACC in a big way but-- well, that
would be lying.

I've been finishing up my most recent flick-- and it's
the first god-damn thing I've ever done that I'm proud
of.  (Besides getting married-- more on that in the
next paragraph).  It still needs music and a couple
scenes need to be liberally shaved, but it's a fine
piece of work and I'm really proud and I'm getting to
work on the next one and-- this all means that my
return to RACC in the near future is unlikely.

What really clinches that is the fact that I got
hitched on February 9 of this year.  And while writing
for RACC has always been particularly gratifying--
writing for the pure pleasure of writing, because
there are no monetary rewards and you'll never see my
work collected manuscript-like-- it does not cause me
to ejaculate.

And if I could find the time to come back-- it's
likely it won't be NHOP.  Yes, I'd love to finish the
story, but the fact is-- these characters are like old
friends, real close ones that you hang out with day
after day, living intensly in their company.  And
then?  Then you lose touch for about a year.  And they
come back into your life, and you're sure glad to see
them, but things are never quite the same.  In fact,
tehy're quite awkward.  And who I was a year ago isn't
who I am now.  If I started writing these characters
again, you can bet it would be a completly different
slant on them, and on the story in general-- and here
is, really, the secret to my incredible rate of
productivity on RACC: I wrote each storyline in a
concentrated period of time.  A few days for this
episode, the next few days for the next, maybe a week
for the next one cause it's tricky-- but basically,
I'd write the whole thing as soon as possible.  The
reason why I did ten installments of Teenfactor a
month is because I wrote fifteen a month, because
otherwise I wouldn't be able to finish the story
(without starting all over) or I wouldn't know who
these people are that I have to love (or hate or both)
in order to write.

All this is a long-winded way to say thank you, I
really appreciate the wins NHOP made.  More
importantly, I appreciate the fact that I had
somewhere to write NHOP, and a universe that-- after I
grew up a bit-- accepted me into the fold.  And I'm
not saying that I'm completely and totally through
with RACC, this isn't a good-bye missive-- but I don't
see a comeback in the forseeable future.  I'm better
with film than prose anyway-- and, again, there is the
whole ejaculation thing.

Thanks again everybody.  I can't tell you all how much
this means to me.

--Tom Russell

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