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larry stanley larrystanleyspamfree1956 at charter.net
Fri Mar 12 17:04:16 PST 2004

As well as Comic and Movie/Video reviews. Our amateur fiction section is now
up and running. So far we have three stories up there, including an original
Lone Ranger story that has never been published.

If you want to write, science fiction, horror, Fan fiction, poetry or just a
story, here is a place for all the world to see it.


Just submit the story to me, at
larrystanley at penguincomics.net

All we ask is for you to remember this is a family friendly site, so keep
the gore and sex to a minimum.

Hope to see lots of stuff from folks. And as usual, any comments are welcome
and you might see you name on our letters page.

LArry Stanley
Editor PCU

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