LNH/Historical: Retcon Hour Stuff

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Sat Jun 26 15:21:30 PDT 2004

I found this when I was going through some old disks of mine.
I guess someone out there might find this interesting.
This is the planning for the Retcon Hour crossover.
It gives you an example of what organized chaos looks like.
Looks like Martin was right about the Omaha Project.

           *7/6/94  3:56 pm GMT-7    jmccoske at sedona.intel.com                 
           A new week, a new update.  It's that simple.  Say hi to             
          Arthur and Mario who also have blindly volunteered.  Without         
          further ado, I'll sum up the series and open the floor for           

                LNH TP #4 -- me The kickoff, foreshadow Time Crapper/          
                                    RACCelestial Madonna                       
           RETCON HOUR 0 -- posted, causing distress ;]                        

                Pliable Lad 21-22 -- Mike Retcons ahoy for Pli and             
           RETCON HOUR 1 -- posted                                             

                SM & LIR 11 -- Badger Historical hysterix                      
           RETCON HOUR 2 -- posted                                             

                Gen Y 7-8 -- Martin Retcons gummin' up the works               
           RETCON HOUR 3 -- posted
                Nicks of Time -- me&Tick Quest for the tiara of destiny, to    
           crown the RACCelestial MAdonna (solicited) 
           -- issues 1&2 this week -- delayed.  Tick slow to get back          
           (he has #1)                                                         
                Omaha Proj ?? -- Russ/Arthur OP timeline fluctuates            
           madly, maybe freeing spirits                                        
               CCjr & Coma Kid #1, UFORCE #10 -- Mongoose CCjr. gets           
           Ring of Retcon, loses ring to TC or wRM, chronal chaos              
           Errand Boy #6 -- Stirge IMPLO jumps in to run rampant            
           through the active titles.                                          
                Unlikely Aliens #5-(6) -- Scott Many many rampant              
          retcons ;]                                                           
                System Corruptors -- Badger/Jeff Clean up Time                 
           Crapper/Contraption Man plot set up for finale ***I think we        
          can use this as planned, plus RHAlpha, BADGE***                      
           (solicited) -- explains how & why retcons galore                    
                LNH CP 21 -- Badge/Jeff RACCelestial Madonna Pageant           
           (re-solicited) -- Ken had to bow out (say goodbye evrybody).        
           about finding a job and starting real life.  Sounds                 
           (Incidentally Mario, if you want to jump in here, there             
          could be                                                             
            possibilities for Netrigan and the LNH gals vs. Ida)
           <<round robin finish, LS or something>> all                      
           wherein all plots are closed down in a 'write a section,            
           it on motif' Working title Retcon Hour Omega I reccommend           
           be last in rotation -- he's got a good/clear idea on                
           And now the traditional up-to-the-minute plot synopsis:             
                ReFoDis moves ACLNH to RACC overriding Universal Anchor        
           calls Time Crapper and Contraption Man to present who               
          procede to                                                           
           retcon whole Myk-El thing repeatedly, trashing continuity in        
           process.  Turns out CM is actually working for wReamicus            
           who wanted to trash continuity all along.
	       Meanwhile, RACCelestial Madonna pageant kicks off lacking
          crown but                                                            
           DD&VG go back in time to prevent TC's creations the Time            
          Mime and                                                             
           Kronos the Clown from stealing it from Net.ler, thus saving         
           pageant and the new madonna.                                        
            AND SM&LIR split into past & future where future group meet        
            Crapper who knows how RETCON Hour ends & wants to 'fix' it.        
            (Likely trying to Retcon Cry.Sig altogether to lose his            
          crappy complexion.)                                                  
            SM&LIR(future) fall under post-C.S TC's influence, later to        
          battle LNH.  > (specifically Kid Chivalry and Kid Anarky)            
          >AND Ring of RETCON falls into wRM/TC hands who runs rampant         
          thru the > Plurealities -- maybe tying in to Deadmeat Earth!         
          RAC.ctre formed to > fight moves.                                    
           ALSO IMPLO finds the LNH too cumbersum, cancells titles willy       
           nilly much to the joy of wRM.  AND Tempest world on                 
           course w/ Looniverse Earth                                          
           (through some unspecified means) requires breakup of                
          PartyGame Hell                                                       
           to fix. Lastly, Omaha Project gets shoved 4 months into the         
           (now) w/ repurcussions as their villains interact here.             
          >All parallel Earths start collapsing together/dissapperaing         
          as a result of > Ring of Retcon, ala Crisis.  CCjr. and key          
          heroes use power of memory > to buy time and stall retcons           
          enough to defeat all by ...                                          
                All closes up when DD&VG return to present, crown RACC         
           who w/ Myk-El/CM retcons end up defeating TC/wRM -- also            
           boy/Implo resolved and TempestEarth pushed back (perhaps revealing  
           why it's called DeadmeatEarth. (Special Badger Addition:            
           rather...Barren, let's just say. This will begin in SM #12)         
           All continuity fixed (except Pli who somehow figures into           
          the final                                                            
           battle and can't be re-retconned for fear of undoing LNH            
           (also excepting Myk-El whose creator is in on it)                   
          ISSUES:  (new rollup of suggestions and my takes on them)            
          BADGE:  Retcon Hour Alpha could prob'ly be rolled in with Sys        
           I'll have a big chunk o' stuff Friday (Myk-El, CM, TC, wRM)         
           I reccommend you talk to Mongoose -- he's already planning          
          to crash a few Earths together so maybe you two could tie it         
           (Also, how about Rac.ctre as your Big Space guys's name?)           
          BADGE:  Re our co-projects -- RHA/SYSC:  SysC finished this          
          week, I'll fward it,                                                 
           LNHCP 21 (Pageant), not started yet, essentially involves           
          Nix O' Time                                                          
           returning Tiara of Destiny & crowning while Ida et al               
          terro-rize the                                                       
           female heroes.  I've chosen a winner, but I'm open to input         
          A Message from STIRGE:  Could everyone please write a short          
          bit in an issue of their series(on-going series only, please)        
          where IMPLO shows up and cancels the series, by killing them,        
          or retconning them out of existence, or whatever. Pick the           
          method that best suits you.                                          
          Physically, IMPLO is about 7' tall, very bulky, and covered head-to-
          toe in a blue-and-green metallic costume. His eyes             
          are standard white-with-no-pupils and are the only                   
          discernable features on his face. He won't say anything to           
          your characters, except maybe "Cancelled," in cold, robotic          
          tone. You can have your character or group fight him, or be          
          taken by surprise, or whatever, but they won't be able to            
          defeat him.                                                          
           >> I see this as a cheesey way to boost sales.  We all have         
          cover blurbs                                                         
           >> 'Collector's Item Last Issue' then proceed to have               
          followon issues                                                      
           >> after IMPLO defeated at RH end.  Give him your support!          
          ARVELKS:  [thoughts on Slobbering Grue vs Heckfire Club,             
          Ur-Grue xovers]                                                      
           Go for it.  Just coord w/ Martin/Scott.  (personally I'd            
          like to see                                                          
           the latter)                                                         
           [Dekay and Diskolor return]                                         
           Never thought I'd say this but I think we've got enough villains
           [Time Whino, Chuggernaut vs. RACCelestial Madonna and Frat          
           Of course now that I've said that, I love this idea.  Time          
          Mime and                                                             
           Kronos the Clown are anti-Pageant, so Time Whino could be           
           simultaneously.  Frat Boy and Token Girl are perfect                
           Let's develope this for LNH CP #21                                  
           [finale ideas, 'trial of Fanfic']                                   
           I think Mongoose has a clean ending we should go with.              
          These ideas are                                                      
           robust enough to think about another, future arc (see Badge         
          for the next                                                         
           mega-xover) though.                                                 
           [Time Mime usage]                                                   
           He's Tick's, but coord through me.  Shouldn't be a prob,            
          especially if                                                        
           Time Whino is involved ;]
	    MARTIN:  [What's with all these special issues?  Stick with
          known series dammit]                                                 
           I'm now leaning towards agreement, only so we can roll this         
          in with                                                              
           Stirge's IMPLO and cancel them as we go. ;]                         
           [Nix O' Time as LNH CP21-22]                                        
           My main reason for not doing this would be that with Tick's         
           contact we might screw up the IMPLO thing.  IMPLO can't             
          touch LS's,                                                          
           so NOT is immune and hence can't muck it up.                        
           [Omaha is going to be tough to include.]                            
           Agreed, but if Russ knows what he's doing, I'll cut him some        
           [LNH CP a good forum for Pagent, other NWC material.]               
           Yup.  And it very well may stretch into a special length.           
          And I hope                                                           
           everyone knows Ken envisioned LNH CP as a System Corruptors         
          for NWCs --
	    ie anyone can write an issue or five.
           [I'm not a liberal dammit!]                                         
           Maybe, but you're no Drizzt either. ;]                              
           [Ken's LNHCP12?  Is it dead?]                                       
           Dunno, I think Ken still logs in on weekends, but very              
           [Retcon Omega also another series]                                  
           Maybe, but if IMPLO cancels everything else, we might _have_        
          to go                                                                
          SCOTT:  [Unlikely Aliens retcons]                                    
           Sound ideal.  Forge ahead!  (Though I would change the              
          'holes in time                                                       
           and space' to just chronal inconsistancies and retcon               
          MONGOOSE:  to avoid confusion, here's his proposal.  My              
          suggested tweakings in                                               
           ALL CAPS (quiet!)
	    CCjr. will be having the ring of Retcon, which is given to
          him in Coma& CHamp #1. He won't even think about using it            
          until well into the crossover- U-Force 10, where he meets up         
          with U-Force. He's going to screw it up, and lose the ring to        
          the Time Crapper, who will then become really nastily                
          powerful. Powerful enough that no force in the universe can          
          stop him.                                                            
          USE wREAMICUS MAXIMUS GETTING RING INSTEAD.                          
            The Crapper, who is really peeved that there are so many           
          earhts he has to keep track of, decides to retcon everything         
          so that there was only One earth that all characters came            
          from. (Sort of like collapsing Earth-1, -2, etc.  in                 
          _Crisis_.) HE strats retocnningaway, and earths start                
          blipping from the Plurealities.                                      
	    Then he tries to retcon Nightbeast. But since the Rathani            
          (a Racconoid tribe) never evolved as a semi-sentient race on         
          Earth Looniverse, he has to come up wit h a new origin. So,          
          he tries to retcon NB to being a transformed human.                  
          Nightbeast, in an amazing show of spritiual strength,                
          resists. The Crapper starts panicking, and trying all other          
          retconns he can think of: Mutant, boiengineered creature,            
          alien- nothing works. Finally, the light clicks on in CCjr.'s        
          head. Nightbeast can resist the Crapper and his retocnning           
          because his memories and attackment to his origin (ehich is a        
          brutal, nasty affair) are too strong. "Memories are the Only         
          thing that can stop a retcon! The only thing that can                
          preserve the past!" He Tells all the LNHErs to think of the          
          past... and it works! The Crapper cannot erase memories, nor         
          can he change the value and power of old stories (real-life          
          moral here.).                                                        
          ALREADY OK'D HIS USE)                                                
          At this point, the retconning stymied, the Heroes launch a           
          pyshical assault on the baddies- and win. Pli could die here,        
          and soemone could probably write the fight scene- I'm horrid         
          with those... At the end, the bad guys are defeated ; CCjr.          
          gains mega-power for just long enough to fix *some*                  
          continuity and ret- con (in a *positive* way) the LNH                
          Universe. HE manages to restore the multiple earths.. unless         
          the authors don;t want them restored. Then, he colapses .            
          FRom this point on, everyone starts heading home...CCJr. End         
          up with a big speech on how 'Retcons and coninuity are not           
          what are *trulY* important..  memories and stories are."             
          Close curtain.                                                       
          OF Cousre, this would need heavy revamping to fit other              
          characters. I'm pretty sure that the Madonna can act as a            
          inspirational tool, Swordy can deliver some of the final physical
          blows, and any other charachters can be a part of             
          the fight.                                                           

           Later, JJMcC 

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