LNH: Who should direct the LNH Movie?

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>> So who should direct the LNH Movie?
>> How about Quentin Tarantino?  If he directed it the
>> cast might look like this:
>> Ving Rhames as The Ultimate Ninja
>> David Carradine as The Ultimate Ninja on the Alternate
>> Earth where all of the LNH is evil
>and where black people are suddenly white? ;)

That's for the scene in the movie where the good and evil Ultimate
Ninja get into a fight and Politically-Correct Person steps into
the room to help, but can't tell which ones which!

>Ultimate Ninja: Are you going to follow my orders or will I have to
>get medievel with your ass?
>Deja Dude: It's cool!  We're cool!

Acton Lord:  Do you know what they call a Mr. Paprika in France?
Self-Righteous Preacher:  What?
Acton Lord:  They call it a Monsieur Paprika.
Self-Righteous Preacher:  Those fucking godless sodomites!!

Arthur "But what do they call a Bolo Cola?" Spitzer

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