META: The Age of RACC Readership

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Wed Jun 23 11:13:16 PDT 2004

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> META: The Age of RACC Readership
> I'm just curious who still reads RACC and
> also what the average age of people who
> read RACC.
> How old are you?


> When did you first start reading RACC, alt.comic.lnh, or
> were you one of the people who originally participated in
> the original LNH thread on rec.arts.comics?

I actually discovered LNH through running across the web
site somehow, probably during about 2000.  I think it was when the
Saviors of the Net crossover was winding down.  I was primarily a
fanfic writer at that point, so it could have had something to do with
the rec.arts.anime.creative archive which is also hosted on
 However, I didn't start reading and writing for RACC intensely until
about 2002.  At the time, I was deliberately trying to branch out as a
writer.  I always liked superhero stories a lot, although I had
stopped reading any comics with the exception of the J. Michael
Straczynski-written issues of Amazing Spider-Man.  So I decided to
give writing for RACC a try.  Since then, I've written a pathetic
total of five issues, six if you count a lame cascade add-on atempt,
which nobody does.

> What was the first series or story you read?

Hmmm...  The first story I read in the archive was probably the Cosmic
Plot Device Caper, in the incomplete version that existed at the time.
 The first story I read on RACC was probably one of Martin's
approximately five million issues.

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