LNH: Who should direct the LNH Movie?

Arspitzer arspitzer at aol.com
Tue Jun 22 17:46:45 PDT 2004

So who should direct the LNH Movie?

How about Quentin Tarantino?  If he directed it the
cast might look like this:

Ving Rhames as The Ultimate Ninja
Pam Grier as Panta
Samuel L. Jackson as Self-Righteous Preacher
Michael Keaton as The Very Disturbed Scary Creature Man
Robert De Niro as The Rob-Goblin
John Travolta as Acton Lord (and of course Sig.Lad, Dvandom
Stranger, Constellation and Rotanna)
Uma Thurman as The Waffle Queen
Harvey Keitel as Kid Kirby
Julia Sweeney as Sing-Along Lass
Tim Roth as Rebel Yell
Amanda Plummer as Lurking Girl/Lurking Lass
Rosanna Arquette as Organic Lass
Christopher Walken as Pocket Man
Quentin Tarantino as Deja Dude
Steve Buscemi as Special Bonding Boy
Michael Madsen as Dr. Stomper
Chris Penn as Parking-Karma Kid
Lawrence Tierney as Cheesecake-Eater Lad
Steven Wright as MacLaughlin Man
Lucy Liu as Catalyst Lass
Daryl Hannah as Hooded Ho'od Win
David Carradine as The Ultimate Ninja on the Alternate
Earth where all of the LNH is evil

and Bruce Willis as Fred the Receptionist

I think if it were cast like this it would be the greatest
movie ever made.  It wouldn't even need a script.  The
actors could just make up their own lines.

Arthur "So What do you think?" Spitzer

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