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> Anyway, I was wondering if anyone might be a bit offended by the
> notion that most of the LNHers from the nineties will have been
> retired by the year 2019.  A lot of characters seem to have retired
> already, either because they were listed as "reserved" on the roster
> so nobody uses them or because they never appeared outside of their
> own series.  I was surprised, for example, to go to the archive today
> and find 36 issues of Brain Boy!

Hmmm... "in story", I suppose quite a few of the characters probably wouldn't
quite be at the point where they would feel it necessary to retire yet
(assuming the characters to be avatars of the creators, as was the case during
the original "Call to Arms", and assuming most of the creators were probably
college age at the time, a lot of the originals would probably be around 50 in
2019; although some probably would be considering retirement from the
net.heroing business at that point, I would imagine that some would still be
active).  On the other hand, given that so many of the characters haven't been
used in so long, I suppose retiring them is as good an explanation for their
absence as any (and it leaves open the possibility of them coming back to
active duty should the need arise; i.e., someone decides to use them in a
story).  (Plus, having them retired in 2019 has no effect on stories set in

Obscure Trivia Lad, of course, has no life, and will probably be hanging
around LNHHQ forever...   :)

Uh... so, no, I wouldn't be offended by the notion that they retired...

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