[META] Various Apologies

Martin Phipps phippsmartin at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 19 21:28:22 PDT 2004

Yes, there's a danger that if you discuss story ideas and don't post
right away that I will use the ideas.  If the person in question plans
to use the ideas for a future story then there is the dilema of
acknowledging versus spoiling.  I don't really want to go into detail
here about what I am talking about for fear of doing more of the

I just noticed that the Oddball LNH character from the old Pliable Lad
story was named "Kid To-Be-Or-Not-To-Be" and not "Kid Shakespeare". 
"Kid Shakespreare", as it turns out, is a character from Peter Milan's
Sidekick Squad.

Speaking of the Sidekick Squad, I used google and  found a reference
to  Typo Lad, Squeaky Clean and Insomnia Boy as the "Sidekick Squad"
in an issue of Drizzt's Defense Files.  So, I guess fair is fair
because people do inadvertantly use character or team names that have
been used before.  The same goes vis-a-vis Penultimate Ninja of
Generation Zed and Penultimate Ninja of the Oddball LNH.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone might be a bit offended by the
notion that most of the LNHers from the nineties will have been
retired by the year 2019.  A lot of characters seem to have retired
already, either because they were listed as "reserved" on the roster
so nobody uses them or because they never appeared outside of their
own series.  I was surprised, for example, to go to the archive today
and find 36 issues of Brain Boy!

If I take into account series like this plus a lot of the early stuff
by Ben Rawluk and Tom Russell then I would have to admit that a good
half of all the stuff in the LNH archive I have never read!  Nor do I
really have any reason to if the characters in question aren't even
around anymore.  Nor are those stories likely to get read unless we
reference them in current stories.  (Of course, Tom Russell is on
record for saying that most of his early stuff is better off not being
read so I guess that's okay.)  It wouldn't matter if not for the fact
that there was a time when I was updating the time line so, much like
Saxon today, I was reading ALL the LNH stuff that was getting posted.

Anyway, although at the time I was a bit annoyed that Generation Y
didn't have much of a role at all in the story, you might want to
check out Crisis of Infinite Sidekicks.  Maybe somebody can figure out
what happened to all those characters that appeared in that story and
who haven't appeared much since.


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