[LNH2] Generation Zed, the New Class #6

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                     Generation Zed, the New Class #6

                        The Mirror Cracked Part 2 of 4

2019.  The future.  The time portation room.

  "This is it," Cheesecake Eater Lass said, "the time portation device!"
  "We know," SoWhat said.  "We were here yesterday afternoon!"
  "We must have just come back from one of those breaks between issues," 
Whining Girl observed, "because you guys are expositing a lot!"
  "Okay, SoWhat, time for you to type in the password!"
  "No problem."  SoWhat activated the device and waited for the password 
window to pop up.  She then typed in Johnny Stomper's ID and password.  The 
girls waited at the machine granted access to what it thought was an 
authorized user.
  "Wow," Cheesecake Eater Lass said, "you really did steal Doctor Stomper's 
  "I told you!"
  "Do you guys remember how to use this thing?" Whining Girl asked.
  "It's easy," Cheesecake Eater Lass said.  "Just type in the date you want 
to observe."
  "But you said you wanted to observe alternative time lines!"
  "Oh that's right!"
  "Don't worry," SoWhat said.  "There's a Help menu.  I'll type 'Alternative 
time lines' into the search function."
  "Ah yes, that should work," Cheesecake Eater Lass said.  "After all, 
Doctor Stomper didn't say we couldn't use the time portation device to 
observe alternative time lines.  He just said that it would be dangerous."
  "And that doesn't worry you?" Whining Girl asked.
  "He's probably just worried about us bringing something over from another 
time line, but we're not going to do that.  We're just going to look."
  "Well, maybe if we see a really cute guy in an alternative time line," 
SoWhat suggested, "then I'll port him over for you."
  "Well... maybe," Cheesecake Eater Lass said.
  "Okay," SoWhat said.  "I think I've got this figured out.  It looks like 
some one has been looking at alternative time lines already because some of 
these alternative time lines have been labelled.  This one is labelled 
  "Click on it!"
  "I just did.  I'm getting a pop up window with information about the time 
line in question."
  "Let me see.  'In the year 2002, the Society of Net.Heroes was formed with 
Ultimate Soldier as the leader.  Under the command of the Ultimate Soldier, 
this SNH is a more militaristic version of the LNH, answering directly to 
the President of the Loonited States himself through government appointed 
liason Nick Fury, agent of S.C.O.R.E.'  Cool."
  "Boring.  How about this?  OLNH?"
  "Try it."
  "Hmm.  'The Oddball LNH reality is very similar to the mainstream LNH 
reality except that while the Looniverse is loony, the oddball Looniverse is 
downright bizarre.'"
  "Whatever.  Moving on.  XXXLNH."
  "Um.  Maybe we're not supposed to access that," Whining Girl suggested.
  "I think you're right.  I'm just getting a pop up window asking for Doctor 
Stomper's credit card number."
  "I don't suppose you managed to get that too while you were stealing his 
password?" Cheesecake Eater Lass said with a smirk.
  "Ha ha ha.  Let's try this one.  LNV.  'The Legion of Net.Villains reality 
is very much like the mainstream reality except that the LNH is evil and 
those who are net.villains in our reality have been fighting the Legion to 
preserve freedom for mankind.'"
  "'In this reality, the Ultimate Ninja has declared himself Ultimate 
Emperor after having taken over the entire world with his army of 
Kirbytroopers, each one of whom is a clone of Lord Kirby himself.'  You're 
right!  This is cool! 'Recently, the Net.Hero known as Lagneto has amassed 
an army of mutants in Asia and has successfully taken back much of Asia for 
the people.'"
  "Alright.  I want to see Lagneto as a net.hero!"
  "Okay.  I'm going to request access to observe this time line.  I assume 
you want to see what Lagneto is doing right now?"
  "What is to stop someone from observing _us_ the same way?" Whining Girl 
  "Just as long as nobody observes me while I am taking a shower!" 
Cheesecake Eater Lass said.
  "Ew!" SoWhat said.  "Do you really think anybody would want to."
  "Yeah, well some people might," Cheesecake Eater Lass said, obviously 
  "Shh!  We're getting a live video feed!  And sound too!"

  Lagneto addressed his troups.  "For years, the Ultimate Emperor has stood 
unopposed!  Now, we have the opportunity to end the reign of the Ultimate 
Emperor once and for all!  You, my army of mutants, are all that mankind has 
to save it from the tyranny of the Ultimate Emperor!"
  "All hail Lord Lagneto!" one of the mutants in the crowd said.
  "ALL HAIL LORD LAGNETO!" the crowd started to chant.

  "Look! I see Deja Dude and Michael in the crowd!" Cheesecake Eater Lass 
said.  "They must have switched sides!"
  "And there's Rapim, Paitoon, Panit, Thongthong, N, Ouy, Sawitree and 
Somkid," Whining Girl said.
  "Isn't that Damien Bodharamik?" Cheesecake Eater Lass asked.
  "I don't know.  Never met him."
  "Me neither.  I've just seen pictures of him."
  "Just give me the word," SoWhat said, "and I'll port him over for you!"
  "No!" Cheesecake Eater Lass said.  "We're just watching, remember?  We're 
not bringing anybody over here!"
  "Wait!  Lagneto's saying something again."

  "You!  Deja Dude!  I appreciate the sacrafices you've made for our cause!"
  "It is no problem," Deja Dude said.

  "I don't trust this guy," Cheesecake Eater Lass said.  "He's not like our 
Deja Dude."
  "Maybe he's just using Lagneto to help him take out the Ultimate Ninja so 
_he_ can take over the world," SoWhat suggested.
  "Oh and you don't think Lagneto isn't interested in becoming the new 
emperor?" Whining Girl asked.
  "No, SoWhat is right," Cheesecake Eater Lass said.  "This is an 
alternative reality in which the LNH is evil and the net.villains are good 
guys so I'd say this Deja Dude is the one to watch out for."
  "Of course, didn't our Lagneto try to be a good guy for a while?" SoWhat 
reminded them.  "So maybe this Lagneto is turning into a bad guy."
  "It _is_ confusing when you are dealing with anti-net.heroes and 
sympathetic net.villains.  You're never sure who to root for," Cheesecake 
Eater Lass admitted.
  "Yeah and he's got this scary cult of personality going on with his mutant 
army chanting his name!" Whining Girl observed.
  "Hold on!"

  "Your son has grown to be even more powerful than yourself!  I want him to 
lead the assault against LNH HQ!"
  "That is a good plan!" Deja Dude said.  "He could teleport an entire army 
of mutants right through the Legions defenses!"

  "Look!  There's Stephanie!  And I think he's Moonfire!"

  "I am ready, father!"  Deja Dude II saluted his father.
  "May we be victorious!" Deja Dude said.
  Deja Dude II gathered Damien Bodharamik, Moonfire, N, Nimbo, Sonic, Lava, 
Tremor, Yin, Yang and Acraphobe around him and prepared to teleport them to 
the other side of the world.

  "There they go!" SoWhat said.
  "Alright!" Cheesecake Eater Lass said.  "Kick that evil ninja's @$$!"


  "That's the alarm!" Whing Girl whined.  "We're all going to die!"
  "Maybe it's just a fire drill!" SoWhat said.
  "Quick!" Cheesecake Eater Lass said.  "Logoff!  We'd better ask somebody 
what's going on!"
  The girls turned off the time portation machine and proceeded out into the 
hallway.  They saw Irony Boy in the hallway.
  "Hey!  Carl!  What's going on?"
  "Lilith?  What are you guys doing here?"
  "It's a long story!"
  "You shouldn't be here!  We are under attack!"
  "Really?  Who is attacking us?"
  "All indications seem to be that we are under attack by LNH Asia and the 
Newer Mutants!"
  Whining Girl nodded her said slowly.  "See?  I _told_ you we were all 
going to die!"

NEXT: LNH America versus LNH Asia!

SoWhat created by Lalo Martins.  Ultimate Ninja created by Ray "wReam" 
Bingham.  Kid Kirby created by Jameel Al Khavitz.  Johnny Stomper created by 
Josh Geurink.  Cheesecake Eater Lass and Whining Girl created by me.


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