META: The Age of RACC Readership

Jamas Enright thad at
Thu Jun 10 23:27:19 PDT 2004

On 11 Jun 2004, Arspitzer wrote:

> META: The Age of RACC Readership
> How old are you?


> When did you first start reading RACC, alt.comic.lnh, or
> were you one of the people who originally participated in
> the original LNH thread on rec.arts.comics?

Mid to late 1994.

> What was the first series or story you read?

Guitar Man and/or Writer's Block Woman (and Mouse) (Can't remember which
came first) which Campbell (March)(*) and Jessica (Smiler) posted on the
local BBS, and then pointed me to aclnh/racc, from which I quickly
discovered other the comics...

(*) Come back Sasquatch!

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