META: The Age of RACC Readership

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at
Thu Jun 10 22:44:37 PDT 2004

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Arspitzer <arspitzer at> wrote:
>META: The Age of RACC Readership
>I'm just curious who still reads RACC and
>also what the average age of people who
>read RACC.
>How old are you?

     33.  34 in about a month.

>When did you first start reading RACC, alt.comic.lnh, or
>were you one of the people who originally participated in
>the original LNH thread on rec.arts.comics?

     Got in on things right after the original Cosmic Plot Device Caper, in
July 1992.

>What was the first series or story you read?

     I really have no idea.  Not that there were fixed-form titles at that
point.  It was 100% chaotic add-on.

     Dave Van Domelen, notes that ASH #50 will come out a few months before
the ASH Universe 10th Anniversary.  Groovy.

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