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Subject: Re: RACC:  RACC Con 2004?
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(Dave Van Domelen)

>In article <20040524030516.24684.00002220 at mb-m29.aol.com>,
>Arspitzer <arspitzer at aol.com> wrote:
>>Man, I kind of missed out on the whole tenth anniversary of the
>>LNH didn't I?  As well as my own 10th anniversary for Jong and
>>the NTB and so on.  Although looking through the Google archives
>>I didn't miss much.  No parades or commemorative coins or T-shirts
>>that said 'The LNH is ten years old and all it got was this
>>lously T-shirt'.  Not even a big party at Dave Van Domelen's place
>>(Or if there was I wasn't invited).

>     Dude, I'm in Kansas, a five hour drive from the nearest RACC'er and
>probably a lot farther from the nearest LNHer.  Not that many of us are
>active anymore in the LNH.

Just joking, Dave.  The big party would probably have been at wReam's

>>The big problem that has always been is where such a con would
>>take place.  Obviously everone would want the con to be close to
>>where they live.  The only solution I see is to not have one
>>big con, but many regional cons.  Places that might have heavy
>>RACC writer populations like Washington, DC, New Zealand, Arizona, or
>>where ever.  I'd like to propose a sort of Southwestern con.  I'd 
>>like to see this con take place in either Las Vegas, LA, San Diego, 
>>Phoenix, or Tucson.  Or some where that would only take one day for
>>me to drive to.

>     Well, Chris Meadows and I will be at ConQuesT 35 in Kansas City this
>>I'm not sure what weekend might be good for a Con.  It could
>>be held in July, or August, or September.. or who knows.

>     It is the Con Season, but you have to be careful there.   A lot of the
>bigger fandom Cons are scheduled opposite the bigger gaming Cons, leading to
>split populations.

I'm not sure what you mean.  I'd say the first hurdle would be interest in such
a thing.  The second hurdle would be picking a place.  The third hurdle would
be setting a date.  The fourth hurdle would be hotel reservations.

Looking at the enthusiasm for this idea on here it doesn't look like it will
make it past the first hurdle.

>     Dave Van Domelen, teaching over the summer, so not up for any big travel
>cons, but going to a professional conference in Sacramento in August....

Arthur "So what about the 50th RACC Anniversary?" Spitzer

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