[META] Re: REVIEW: End of Month Reviews - May 2004 [spoilers]

Hikaru Chiba hikaruc at mchsi.com
Thu Jun 10 16:00:13 PDT 2004

On Jun 2, 2004, at 1:30 AM, Jamas Enright wrote:

> This brings up a question of: how often do people post (when they have
> stuff to post)?
> I am currently on every fortnight, but I may slow down as once a month is
> good enough for most comics! I have written far ahead ('cos I'm trying to
> get back into writing), but think spacing it out is a good way to go. No
> need to overload readers.

I've been trying to post one story a month, after I am ahead one
issue. I'm behind right now, so that tends to mean I post each issue
shortly after it is finished.

> There is also a related question, which Martin brought up last time: how
> do people know when they've written enough for an issue?
> Martin said he writes until about 10K. I used to be going for 500 lines,
> but now am happy to stop when the story does. And Saxon tends to hit his
> max fairly easily. :)
> But how about others?

I try to outline each story so that it encompasses an issue worth of
events. I rarely push scenes from issue to issue and thus my story size
varies widely. Transit City #1 was 29k or so, #2 was 23k or so. I don't
know how big #3 is going to be, but I expect it to be heftier, since I'm
on page 2 and I've got 15+ scenes to go.

Oh and if anybody has constructive criticism of the style in which the
story has been told so far, they should privately email me. It's new for
me, and frankly rather hard to keep up. Still it doesn't fall as flat as
some of my previous work, so I'm still working to keep it going.


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