REVIEW: Re: Bride of C'thulhu #666 -- A Chaotic Add-On Story

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Mon Jun 7 12:25:34 PDT 2004

"Alaric" <alaricmc at> wrote in message
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> > 'Well it's a good thing you don't run the Legion of Net.Hippies, Anti-
> > Christ Lad.  If wishes us to go back in time and stop Nixon
> > then that is what we shall do!' blasted Calls-Respectable-People-
> > Fascists Lad defiantly.
> Blasted? Aaaaaaarrrrggggghhhh. And cut the adverbs. ALWAYS cut the adverbs.

While I agree with you with regards to Jesse's said avoidance, I see
nothing wrong with "blasted" here in and of itself although one might
argue "blasted defiantly" might is redundant.  "said defiantly" is
okay.  You'll note that in scripts for stage, screen and television,
actors will be given adverbs to instruct them how to read the lines. 
You CAN'T always tell HOW something is supposed to be read just simply
by the words that are said.  I could say "Really?" incredulously or
sarcasticly and the meaning would be very different.


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