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Sun Jun 6 13:24:50 PDT 2004

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Ever wonder what it's like to hold an actual, physical issue of Bush43
in your hands? And not have to print it yourself?

Hey, how about getting one of those older issues, the early ones that
were kinda rough around the edges, only not so rough anymore? And with
some comments by the super-sexy author? And maybe a signature if you
wanted it?

How'd you like this and more for free?

Then you need to sigh up for Bush By Mail!

What is this BBM thing I speak of? Well, it's a new offering from
Artifice Press where you will get an envelope in the mail every month
that will contain a printed and stapled copy of Bush43! WOO!

Starting with issue #1 and going until I stop, you'll get a neatly set
up issue that's been edited, maybe even tweaked from the original
issue (GASP!) with maybe some comments by me as well as a nifty
signature on it somewhere if you really want one. Cause, you know, it
might be worth something some day. Like a nickel!

Hell, I may even put on a nifty cover, some random other comments, you
may even get other random Artifice offerings and all FOR FREE!

Now you may be asking yourself, "Christ, is this guy insane?" and
yourself may not answer but I will. YES!

But that has nothing to do with Bush By Mail.

Here's how you sign up.

- Send an e-mail to jasonkenney at gmail.com
- Subject: Bush By Mail For Me
- Body: Your name, address and whether you want the issue signed (hey,
if you don't I won't but if you do, just say so).


Now, I'm sorry to limit it to 25 folks but, well, since it's free that
means I'm paying for it and I don't have the money to be sending stuff
to a hundred folks. Hell, I honestly doubt I'll get 25. But, if I do
and there are more people who want to sign up I may expand the
offering after a couple months and once I get a feel for what kind of
effort and costs this requires.

Now, were you to send me money, well, then we might be able to work
something out...

And that's it. I'm not sure when the first issue will be sent so be

Thanks, and enjoy.

Jason Kenney
writer B43

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