[META] Re: REVIEW: End of Month Reviews - May 2004 [spoilers]

Jamas Enright thad at eyrie.org
Tue Jun 1 23:30:51 PDT 2004

On 2 Jun 2004, Saxon Brenton wrote:

>      In any case, everybody, please post your stories when your stories
> are ready to post. If that means putting them all out together, and part
> of the benefit of it is for me to be able to summarise everything in one
> sitting, all well and good. However, I'm very leery of the idea of
> things being rushed for my benefit, especially as I've said I'm doing
> this for my benefit rather than anybody else's.

This brings up a question of: how often do people post (when they have
stuff to post)?
I am currently on every fortnight, but I may slow down as once a month is
good enough for most comics! I have written far ahead ('cos I'm trying to
get back into writing), but think spacing it out is a good way to go. No
need to overload readers.

There is also a related question, which Martin brought up last time: how
do people know when they've written enough for an issue?
Martin said he writes until about 10K. I used to be going for 500 lines,
but now am happy to stop when the story does. And Saxon tends to hit his
max fairly easily. :)

But how about others?

> Captain Everything #1
> A Legion of Net.Heroes [LNH] series
> `Speeed, Part I'
> by Jamas Enright
>      I was a proofchecker for this post and the ones that follow it, so
> I know what's coming (the disclaimer about Valentino's `Normalman' series
> from the mid-80s was in response to my comments), so I will now engage

Not to discount Saxon's influence, but just a few days before I posted
that issue, I picked up the latest Previews to see, on the cover, a splash
of the tribute to Normalman inside! (How's that for unintended timing!)

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